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2 Games 1 Day

Huge weekend for LFG. The four partners hit four different events this weekend: the Washington Nationals Championship Parade in DC, a Flyers game in Philly, an Eagles game at The Linc, and Sunday Night Football Pats vs Ravens in Baltimore.

First, we brought a Bryce Harper piñata to the Nationals parade. We printed out four fatheads of Harper's face and taped them on either side of two piñatas. The Nats fans absolutely loved them and couldn't have been more eager to whack Bryce's face with a Wiffle ball bat. Overall, the atmosphere was somewhat relaxed for a Championship parade but the turnout was pretty solid.

We left the parade a little early to beat the traffic so we could make it to Philly that night for the Flyers game. Our boy Cav (of Cav's Catering) hooked us up with box seats to the game. Shoutout to the guy in the box next to us for reminding the Flyers to "Skate!" and "Shoot!" every 20 seconds. The fans didn't really show up at Wells Fargo that night but I guess I'd call it an average atmosphere for an early November NHL game. They did have unbelievably good cheesesteaks though.

We stayed at Lotier's in New Hope, PA that night in preparation for "2 Games 1 Day." We got on the road at about 9 am the next morning to head to Lincoln Financial Field. We broke up into sets of two for seats. Myself and Yasi sat next to the biggest psychopath in Philly and let me tell you, this guy fucking hated fair catches. OLD SCHOOL FOOTBALL. He also asked us where in Philly we went to high school because we were wearing Eagles jerseys. Yasi told him we grew up in Boston but our Dads were Eagles fans so that saved us from potentially getting punched.

We left the Eagles stadium just before the traffic got bad and we made it to Baltimore two hours before kickoff of the Pats vs Ravens game. It was mayhem. The tailgate scene rivaled only Bills Mafia in terms of rowdiness. We filmed content for about an hour (to be released this week) and hit the game on a freezing Sunday night in the nosebleeds. Great stadium, great tailgates, classy fans. Good shit Baltimore.

The weekend wrapped up and we sent it back to Cuse on Monday morning. Onto Boston this weekend.



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