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Anthony-isms: The Top Five Funniest Moments (So Far) from NBA Fan-Favorite Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards is not your typical professional athlete… at all.

Ant is unabashedly goofy, and he thrives on throwing reporters off of their game. With Edwards, there are no cookie-cutter interview answers, no cliche one-liners - just witty, quirky responses that have become so infamous that they have a name: “Anthony-isms”.

For NBA fans, this type of star is needed. Ant’s behavior lightens the mood of the league, showing viewers that despite the flashy, luxurious lives NBA stars lead... these people are normal humans, just like us sports fans. After all, aren’t all players just fans who are way better at their sport than the rest of us?

Edwards is a breath of fresh air for NBA fans, and his ascent to stardom has made the league a goofier, funnier, more normal place. With a full two years of Ant moments in the book, let’s take a look back at his greatest hits.

5. That time he said he felt like “Black Jesus” after a 40-bomb

Everyone knows the confidence boost that comes after a dominant sports performance. After you go nuclear from three in a pickup game, you experience a certain high that lasts anywhere between 2-4 days. It’s a reminder that you’ve still got it.

But, I can safely say that I’ve never left any sporting performance feeling like the most perfect man to ever live - Jesus of Nazareth himself.

That’s exactly what Ant felt like after a 40-point performance against Portland on January 26, 2022. After leading his Wolves team to a two-point victory, Edwards remarked:

“I feel like Black Jesus.”

The unshakeable confidence.The impeccable delivery. The ultimate hooper’s homage to Michael Jordan.

This quote proves that Edwards is just plain goofy, which will become even more apparent as this list continues.

4. His entire interview with ESPN’s Alex Scarborough

As the NBA Draft approaches, prospects have to be on their best behavior. The stakes are high. Players need to show NBA executives that they love the game, understand their strengths, and will mesh with the team culture.

However, Anthony Edwards did not do any of that leading up to the NBA draft, and it is frankly one of the most unbelievable pre-draft stories I can remember.

Despite being a consensus top pick in the draft for months, Edwards spent nearly all of his pre-draft time in front of the media cracking jokes that called into question his entire approach to the game of basketball.

Peak hilarity occurred when Edwards sat down with ESPN’s Alex Scarborough prior to the draft.

Among his many unbelievable comments were:

(On basketball): “To be honest, I can’t watch basketball. I’m still not really into it. I love basketball, yeah. It’s what I do.”

(On why he’d choose the NFL over the NBA): “You can spike the ball. You can dance. You can do all type of disrespectful stuff.”

(On rapping): “But I really can rap.” “Dame, talking about — I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m rapping like Lil Baby.”

It’s almost like Ant read a manual the night before this interview titled “How to Tank Your Draft Stock in Just One Interview”!

The funniest part of this entry is how Anthony’s career has disproved every judgment executives likely had about him prior to the draft. Ant has been dedicated to improving on both ends of the court and has developed into a smart, well-rounded player.

And while he certainly still loves rapping, he hasn’t let it get in the way of his development.

Edwards took every question the media asked and flipped it on its head, just for fun - proving that actions speak much louder than words when it comes to prospects.

3. He Doesn’t Know Who Alex Rodriguez is

When Alex Rodriguez joined the Minnesota Timberwolves’ ownership group in 2021,

A-Rod was getting in on the front end of what could be a very successful decade for the exciting, young Timberwolves.

However, not everyone in the Wolves’ organization was excited that one of the greatest athletes of all time would be joining the ownership team.

In fact, Anthony Edwards didn’t even know who A-Rod was.

"I don't know who that is. I know he's going to be the owner. But I don't know anything about baseball."

I really don’t know if Ant was telling the truth here. I do know that 99% of people I know who have any interest in sports, or Jennifer Lopez, or steroids, know who Alex Rodriguez is. It’s perplexing.

Nevertheless, Ant-Man strikes again. In what was a softball question for Edwards to praise a new owner and create excitement among the fans, he threw every reporter for a loop by giving an answer no one expected.

If you can’t tell, that’s sort of Ant’s thing.

2. He Still Uses a Flip Phone in 2022

Edwards likes to keep it simple. When he likes something, he sticks with it.

This aspect of his personality was never more apparent than when it was revealed in late 2021 that Ant keeps a functioning flip phone on his person.

In a league where excess, flashiness, and luxury run the roost, Ant is making phone calls on a device most players probably owned before they saw a cent of NBA money.

Answering the flip phone during a press conference, acting like it was no big deal at all, and referencing it as his “baby” marked another entry into the ever-growing list of “Anthony-Isms” that make him the NBA’s biggest quote/funny moment machine.

1. His Amazing Relationship with His Dog, Anthony Edwards Jr.

Of all the moments that Ant has given us during his first two years in the NBA, none of them are quite as memorable as the quotes he has shared about his dog, who is literally named “Anthony Edwards Jr.”

Yes, Anthony named his dog after himself.

The name is hilarious, but over time, Anthony has given us more glimpses into the relationship he has with Ant Jr. that are both heartwarming and side-splitting.

For one, dogs weren’t Anthony’s first choice of pet. Edwards remarked in a 2020 interview that he actually wanted to buy a LION once he entered the league, but had to settle for a dog because he “doesn’t have the house for it."

Once he purchased the dog, Anthony was quick to let the world know that Anthony Jr. is an independent BEAST:

“He watching himself, he know how to feed himself, he knows how to do everything! He’s my best friend!” I’m a 21 year-old human, and there are times when I legitimately struggle to do such things.

Oh, and Ant Jr. is not afraid to get his feelings out into the public sphere; he has his own Twitter account, where he frequently hypes up his “dad” and offers motivational “top of the morning" tweets.

Anthony’s relationship with his dog is as wholesome as it gets, and I’m sure we’ll continue seeing more of Ant Jr.’s cute face in the future. His position in the limelight is only just beginning.

As you can tell, there have been plenty of legendary Anthony moments over these past two seasons. He’s backed up his off-court antics with amazing on-court play, and he is set to be a league star for years to come.

Did I miss any great Ant moments? What are your favorite Anthony-isms? Let me know in the comments below!

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