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Carolina Panthers Fans: It's A Trap!

Carolina Panthers Fans It's a Trap Cover Image

Listen up Carolina Panthers Fans, don’t fall into this trap! Picking a quarterback in the first round will be a mistake. I know, Sam Darnold stinks. It’s a simple fact that any Panthers fan with eyes knows without a doubt. Even though he himself refuses to admit that, there’s a reason the Panthers are heavily rumored to pick a quarterback with their #6 overall pick. But that doesn’t mean they should.

As someone who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, I want to see the Panthers do well. I might not be a fan, but the 2015 season where they lit the league on fire with Cam Newton was one of the most exciting times I can remember because of how amped up everyone was, Panthers fan or not.

Carolina Panthers Fans It's a Trap Cam Celebration

I got so swept up in the hype that I even changed the background on my 8th grade Chromebook to a picture of Cam Newton’s celebratory antics. I went to the last regular-season game of the Panthers season in 2015, and it was one of the most electric atmospheres I’ve ever been in. That Carolina team captured the hearts of fans all over the country, and I think it’s because they’re just an easy team to root for. I want that feeling back.

A lot of fans want that feeling back too, which is why many want the Panthers to use their #6 pick to get a quarterback. That 2015 team doesn’t exist without picking Cam Newton at #1 overall, which was much maligned at the time. I understand the longing for a new and exciting face at quarterback after that failed experiment last year which included bringing Cam BAAAAAACCKKKKK, ahem, sorry, back into town.

However, the rookie quarterback trap is not a place where you want to be Panther fans, trust me. Especially not this year. None of the quarterbacks in this class are a huge upgrade over Darnold right now, and none of them will bring back that 2015 feeling. You have to trust the process, don’t fall into the quarterback trap! With a healthy McCaffery, a good defense, and offensive weapons like DJ Moore, the Panthers have a foundation, they just have to keep building on it.

Carolina Panthers Fans It's a Trap Panthers Mock

Here is what I think a perfect draft looks like for the Carolina Panthers, do you agree or disagree? Let us know down below. Should they take a quarterback at number 6? How excited are you for the 2022 NFL Draft?



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