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Dear Fans: The Curse of the Great Bambino is a Fallacy

The Boston Red Sox may not have all the wins, but when they play, they go hard! Despite the stereotype, they’re not obnoxious - and neither are their fans. It’s easy for the fans to blame the curse for their losses, however, if they were cursed, they would’ve never won at all.

I’m referring, of course, to the curse of the Great Bambino. Every single American should know about the legendary Babe Ruth. He was the Red Sox fans’ pride and joy. That is, until he got traded to the Yankees. Now fans everywhere think the Red Sox and their fan base have been cursed for decades. Bullshit.

First of all, it was a bad call to trade Babe Ruth, but his trade isn’t the reason for the so-called curse. The real curse was having a manager that didn’t know how to manage the team well. I’m sure Sox fans have been cursing that manager ever since, but if you actually believe that the Sox and their fans have been cursed all this time, then you need to take a walk and re-prioritize your life.

Do you think that one player, that has outstanding skills, makes the team? It’s not just about Babe, what about the rest of the team? What about the fans? Don’t they bring value to a team? They lost because their spirits were broken and the curse was an easy excuse. You can’t say it’s because one really good player got traded.

This curse is likely the reason there is such a heated rivalry between the fan bases of the Red Sox and the Yankees. It’s a manifestation of crap to make two wonderful cities hate each other. The “curse” that happened in 1920 was just a bad call by the Red Sox management. Why would you let one decision haunt you for decades?

It’s not hard to tell that the Yankees are known for Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and a whole lot of winning. They’re result-driven due to having good managers, a lot of money, and a massive fan base. But this doesn’t mean that they’re the best team in the league, either. It just means that being a Yankees fan is overrated. For me, winning isn’t the only thing that makes you the better team. Are they better than the Red Sox? Absolutely not. Are Yankees fans better than Red Sox fans? Hell no. If the Red Sox and their fans were truly cursed, how did they go on to win nine World Series’ since that fateful trade a century ago?


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