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Fan Interview Friday: Da Bears

“Da Bears” is something you hear ever so frequently when living in the city of Chicago. Even if you are an out-of-state student like myself, going to school in the city of Chicago, you find yourself starting to start saying it. One of my best friends here at DePaul University is also my roommate, and a miserable Bears fan. Alex has been a Bears fan since his womb departure and sadly, nothing has really happened since then.

The man has one tradition and that is taking a half-time nap during each Bears game to which he states, “My ritual has had a positive impact on the Bears record.” I went ahead and did the math, in games in which he has taken a nap at halftime, the Bears are 3-19. Speaking of naps however, Alex is also the only person I know to have fallen asleep at a Bears game -- which ended up being the Mitch Trubisky revenge game. Bears lost 41-15.

Being a Bears fan comes with a natural hate of the Green Bay Packers, because why not? I asked Alex how did this rivalry start and he although doesn’t know exactly, he finished off with a “Fuck Aaron Rodgers” and a salute. Respect. As a Washington Football Team fan myself, I can also relate to this because Aaron Rodgers recently became our legal guardian one week after saying “I still own you” to the Bears.

Through the ugliest moments of the Bears, the double-doink being his worst memory, and the best moments, Devin Hester’s kick-off return TD in the Super Bowl being his best memory, Alex still remains a Bears fan to this day. I asked if there would be a team that he would switch to and he simply said “Da Bears”. Glad the Bears still have their nap-loving fan.

Growing up in the early 2000s, it is natural to love those running backs during that time like Jamaal Charles, Chris Johnson, CJ Anderson, and the list goes on. Alex’s favorite player growing up was none other than Matt Forte, and when asked about him, Alex gave the signature one-liner of “Dawg” and to his point Forte was a dawg putting up five 1,000-yard seasons during his tenure with the Chicago Bears.

Although being a Bears fan seems to be the most miserable thing to be right now, the fanbase knows how to suck down a couple brews supporting their favorite team in the Windy City. The Bears aren’t what they used to be in the 80s no more, but hopefully with new Ohio State QB Justin Fields, the Bears may be able to turn things around, which would be great for the city. Witnessing the excitement on draft night where it popped up that the Bears made a trade with the Giants for the 11th overall pick and seeing my roommate’s reaction is one of my favorite moments with him and the Bears.

Alex is actually attending this Sunday’s game against the 49ers with a couple of our friends, he is most excited to see “how big of a fraud Jimmy G is in person”, which is what the collective thinking is revolving around the Bears game.

It is never the Bears’ fault, they can sell the team, move stadiums and increase the hell out of ticket prices, but regardless, “Da Bears” will always have Alex’s heart.

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