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Fan Interview Friday: Thomas & The Green Bay Packers

It’s a cold winter day and it’s always refreshing to have a great conversation with an east coast football loving fanatic with a passion for all things athletic. Thomas has been a fan of the Green Bay Packers for a little over twenty years. It all started when Brett Farve won his first Superbowl in 1997. "I used to just love watching him all the time and that's really how I got into watching football. Just watching how he played. That's how I became a big Packers fan."

The Packers main rival teams are the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings. "They have a long history of rivalry ever since the league started. They do not like each other." There is always a team in the way of another team’s success, but this will never stop Thomas from being a life-long fan.

But no matter the circumstances, NFL fans will always endure tough times. "The worst moment as a Packers fan is when they lost to the Arizona Cardinals in overtime when Larry Fitzgerald took it, like, 50 yards. They got eliminated from the playoffs. Yeah, that was brutal."

Thomas' most memorable moment in his fandom of the Packers was going to see Aaron Rodgers play at the Gillette Stadium. His wife gave him tickets to sit literally a few feet behind the Packer's player bench. "I got to see Aaron Rodgers up close and play. That was definitely a top moment for me." An unforgettable treasure for any fan. Can you imagine seeing your MVP in person? Insane!

Something you might not realize about these fans is you will find a fellow Green Bay Packer fan no matter where you are. "Green Bay fans are known to travel well and they're also very spread out throughout the United States. You run into people; it’s common."

Thomas has never had a single regret rooting for the Green Bay Packers. Not even one moment of wavering from his team. It's always been them from day one. I asked if he ever considered rooting for another football team. Thomas said, "Absolutely not. It was the best decision for me."

There is one particularly special and memorable time for Thomas. "I've only been to one game. The craziest thing for me was not dressing very appropriately because I wanted to be outside in the cold as a Packers fan, and I ended up getting sick." Dedication. That is some serious dedication right there, putting your health at risk for your team. "It was snowing and raining. It was probably about twenty degrees out." You want people and the players to see you wearing their Jersey. How can you bundle up underneath a jersey? There’s only so much Under Armour you can wear, right? Now, that’s what I call a true fan! Screw the weather, I will go through hell to see my team play.

His favorite players are Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and Aaron Jones. "Aaron Rodgers just because, I mean, to me, he's the best quarter-back in the league. It's just amazing how athletic and precise he is."

"I would say Davante Adams is the best receiver in football!"

"Aaron Jones, he's very down-to-earth and is so into his celebrations."

But with every amazing team, the fans will always encounter some pretty competitive players that might ruin their day. "He always gives them trouble when they play, Adam Thielen." Thielen is the best wide receiver on the Vikings.

Yet there is one superstition I've never heard of before that's involved with the Green Bay Packer fans at the games. "If they're doing well, nobody can move from their seats. Everybody's got to stay in their seats! You can't move! Then you're going to jinx it.”

Thomas usually watches the majority of Green Bay Packers games on T.V. "They have Packer bars which are fun. They dedicate the whole bar for Packers fans, so that's fun to do." New York City has them, too.

Thomas hopes that he will go to another game in the future. There’s nothing better than being there along with the fans to encourage the team to kick some ass!


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