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How I experienced Thanksgiving football live

As one of the best traditions in professional football rolls around (Thanksgiving football that is), it is important to look back and reflect on what we are thankful for. Personally, I love watching a good football game on Thanksgiving, and I got to experience two games in-person.

As a Cowboys fan, what I am thankful for on Thanksgiving is seeing my team play annually. Back in 2018, I was surprised with tickets to the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving day against the then Washington Redskins. As the Cowboys struggled during the season, accumulating a 3-5 record through 8 games, I was not looking forward to the game as much as I thought I might have. However, the Cowboys battled back during that season, and when I went to go watch, they were playing for first in the NFC East.

I have to say, the game and experience lived up to the hype. Seeing AT&T in all it’s glory and getting to watch the Cowboys serve a Thanksgiving ass-kicking in-person. The game against the now Washington Football Team included a 90-yard Amari Cooper touchdown and some nice interceptions by the Dallas D. After the game, we went to Texas Live, were I experienced “I got friends in low places” in true Texas fashion, had some food, and watched the last game of the day. I look back on that experience fondly, as not only was it my first time at AT&T but it was also a great family vacation that I am truly thankful for.

My Thanksgiving football experience does not end there though, as I decided to go to the Thanksgiving game again the following year. That year, the Cowboys would be meeting the team from Buffalo. The Cowboys were not great in 2019, and the game reflected that. The 8-3 Bills killed us, I remember the Cowboys going right down the field on the first drive, and my confidence skyrocketed. The Bills then scored 26 straight before a garbage time touchdown. The best memory from the 2019 trip was walking back to Texas Live chanting ‘Fire Garrett” with fellow fed-up fans.

Since I was not a Texas native, it's not like I could go right home and have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, we walked to Texas Live just like the year before. Texas Live was, let’s say, not as fun as I remembered, but it’s possible the Cowboys losing had a factor in my state of mind. I tried to leave Texas Live, but could not get an Uber for almost an hour. When I finally found an Uber, I also found a little pizza place outside the city, but they couldn’t serve us. Defeated, I went back to the hotel and walked across the street to a wing place, who also couldn’t serve us. Taking L’s both on and off the field, I settled for a 7-11 turkey sub and a bag of salt & vinegar chips, a true dinner of defeat.

I remember my Thanksgiving experiences as the perfect example of trying to recapture a feeling or experience. The 2018 trip was amazing, and the 2019 trip was anything but that. Obviously the Cowboys’ performance really affected the rest of the day for me, but I wouldn’t recommend going to a Thanksgiving game unless it is the 1:00 kickoff, and you can get home in time for dinner.

Nevertheless, Thanksgiving football is still near and dear to my heart, regardless of how I experienced it live. As we head closer to one of the best holidays of the year, we want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, and to enjoy the day of family, food, and of course football. As always, LFG.

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