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Is Kyrie SCARED of Boston?

News just broke that Kyrie Irving will NOT be making his return to Boston on Thanksgiving Eve. TD Garden was ready to shower Kyrie in boos on Wednesday night, but now they’ll have to wait until at least March 3rd.

This is just Kyrie doing what Kyrie does best. A three-game road trip? Cleveland, Boston, New York? Count me out! It’s honestly a shame that players can get away with this nowadays. These three teams and their fan bases just got robbed of high quality/high drama NBA basketball. The NBA can’t be happy about that.

Especially in Boston. A Thanksgiving Eve nationally televised game against your former team. You stood in front of their fans and promised to re-sign with them, then turned your back and abandoned them when things went south. At least sack up and play dude. Yeah, you're gonna get boo’d. But that's part of what makes the NBA so great. So how about appreciate the fact people care enough to boo you and stop running from it like a baby.

Tough missing out on the Kemba/Kyrie matchup as well. We were planning to hand out these Kemba > Kyrie bracelets but it looks like neither of them is playing so we'll save them for next time.

We had some funny plans for this game, all pretty much centered around Kyrie’s return. We won’t reveal anything yet because we’re saving it for when he actually shows up. Brooklyn is next back at the Garden on March 3rd. Sucks for now but we’ll still be at the game on Wednesday doing interviews, so keep an eye on our Instagram for Celtics content.

Kyrie will have to play in Boston eventually, and we’ll be ready. LFG.

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