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LFG Meets the Mets Fans

Do you remember when you lost your V-card? Before you start telling me some nasty (or pitiful) story, you should know I’m asking about your MLB V-card. I remember losing mine like it was about a week ago. Yeah, that’s right, I went to my first ever MLB game during the last weekend of June. On top of that, it was my first game as a part of LFG, too. It was fucking awesome.

I met up with Grif and Erel at Brother Jimmy’s in Manhattan. It’s a great spot to get drunk, eat BBQ, and watch sports. Just don’t get the green drink. Trust me. Anyway, we started drinking and talking about the plan for the game. Once we were finished, I put on the LFG shirt they brought for me (new merch is coming soon) and we hopped on a subway to Citi Field.

Walking out of the subway, the place was packed. Thank god meteorologists are bad at their jobs. They were all saying it was gonna rain the entire time, but we only got a drizzle before the sun stepped up. We made our way to the outskirts of the stadium, and got set up. Erel was the interviewer, I was on camera duty, and Grif got all the b-roll. We made one hell of a production.

Erel had the uncanny ability to pick out people who would go on to be great interviewees. Without missing a beat, from one subject to the next, person to person, we captured that authentic, pregame energy from fans. The hype was real, too. Every Mets fan who saw us would remind us with absolute certainty that Degrom, “the best pitcher in baseball,” was going to pitch a no hitter to secure the number one spot in the NL. After a ton of great interviews, we headed for the gates.

We had to smooth talk our way through security and convince them to let us bring our equipment inside. After putting our verbal finesse on display, we got in with the mic and cameras. We grabbed some more beers and relaxed for a bit; staying energetic and engaging for interviews takes a lot out of you.

There were staff members guarding each seating section, preventing us from sliding into any of the empty seats. After a little searching, we found a section in left field, where the staff had momentarily abandoned their post. It was a great spot and the fans around us were full of energy.

During the seventh inning, we decided to continue interviewing people, this time inside the stadium. We had to be subtle, since it’s kind of a legal grey area. We met plenty more cool fans, including the son of the owner of Billy’s, the best Yankees sports bar.

The game came down to the wire. The Phillies took a late, 3-2 lead in the top of the ninth, and it was not looking good for the Mets. But the Mets made like a down bad college student on Tuesday night and rallied. They came back with two runs in the bottom of the ninth, pulling off the walk off win, which we found out from about 95% of fans we interviewed after the game, is better than sex.

If you’re still a MLB virgin, and this article didn’t inspire you to change that, drink another beer, read it again, and repeat until you’re as sticky as the substances pitchers may or may not be using to grip the balls. If you were inspired to make it happen, LFG is proud of you. Make sure to tag LFG Sports with any crazy shit that happens and share your experience with us. Finally, if you’re ahead of the game, know all of this already, and you still chose to read this article, I hope your team gets a walk off win that’s better than sex.

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