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NBA FINALS: Who Deserved it More?

7/20/21 - Leading Up to Game 6

As we near what could be the end of an exhilarating NBA Finals, we have something very important to figure out: Who deserves the championship more? You probably have your own opinion about which players deserve it more, but so does every other NBA fan with at least a 50% functioning brain. But the question remains: whose fan base, Bucks or Suns, deserves to take home the chip?


The Bucks haven’t won since ‘71, and if you ask this lanky writer, that’s one hell of a dry spell for both the fans and team alike. This is only emphasized by the fact that it was the only time they were able to bring it home. To get a view from the top, a taste of that sweet feeling, only to be shut out for half of a century, is as brutal as it is poetic.

The Suns on the other hand, have never won a championship. Their fans have never been able to experience the bliss that arises from being the best in the world. So, is it better to have won and lost, or never won at all? Obviously, the answer is the former and any fan can confirm that. However, just because they haven’t won, doesn’t necessarily mean they deserve it more.


A true fan base would be incomplete without celebrity fans, and the 2021 post-season has seen many big names sitting court side. Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Chance the Rapper have shown love to the Bucks and with any luck, we’ll get some more Bucks stars bars if Milwaukee can pull it off. But it doesn’t end there. NBA legends Kareem Abdul Jabar and Oscar Roberston have also pulled up to support the team that they won a championship with 50 years ago.

It’s always great to see athletes from other sports pull up to support the teams they share a city with, too. Aaron Rodgers actually took it so far as to become a Bucks minority owner. He’s not the only Packers player that reps the Bucks either. David Bakhtiari is an offensive tackle for the Packers and a big Bucks fan.

The Suns have big fans too, both literally and socially, from their NFL counterpart. Teammates Kyler Murray, J.J. Watt, and Cardinals legend Larry Fitzgerald, who also happens to be a Suns minority owner, have been vocal in showing their support for Phoenix. Add in Adele and Lil Wayne (yeah he’s here too because he and Chris Paul go back) and things really get cooking. It doesn’t hurt for a player to be dating a celebrity to add to the already stacked roster of Suns fans. Booker is winning on that front. Whether or not he wins the series his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, is an avid Suns fan.

Can’t forget about Guy Fieri either. Guido, the inventor of Donkey Sauce, and the Mayor of Flavortown has three restaurants in Phoenix and I can only imagine he hooks up the Suns players once in a while. Not to mention, they got Vanessa Hudgens to sing the national anthem in an all orange outfit to top off an unbelievable array of celebrity Suns fans. Oh yeah, I almost forgot one other, relatively small time person in attendance. Some guy named LeBron James was there to cheer on longtime friend Chris Paul, who aims to obtain what will be his first Title.

STANDOUT FANS There have been tons of great fan moments throughout the series, but none compare to the gold mine that was Suns in 4 Guy from the West Semifinals. Two guys dumped a beer on his head and he proceeded to show the world that he meant business. Between the initial hype and how long he’s dragged this out, Suns in 4 Guy is one of one, as far as fans go.

Like all the other fans that saw Giannis violate the 10 second rule, Suns fans have counted while the Greak Freak takes his free throws. One fan took it so far as to count a stack, $100 by $100 to troll the Bucks star. The pettiness only continues from Suns supporters, with a Phoenix law firm going so far as to purchase a billboard in Milwaukee that boldly says “Go Suns.” Toss Sub-Machine Gun Kelly into the mix and the Suns have quite the fan base between celebrities and standout fans.

If you’ve been watching the series and paying close attention, you’ve definitely seen Bucks fans living their best lives. By that, I mean chugging beers at every game. Everyone remembers the video of that dude pounding beers at a Bucks game in 2019 like it was his job. Well, that guy is David Bakhtiari, the offensive tackle I mentioned earlier, and also Aaron Rodgers’ daddy, as far as chugging beer goes. This year, Bakhtiari was joined by his father, who when called upon, also stepped up and knocked back his beer. Like father, like son.

But the chugging continues with Bucks fans, like an ace in Kings. You’ve got to respect this kid, he knows how it’s done. Props to whoever taught him too. If you don’t fear the deer after all of that, well, you probably should because of this guy alone. Let’s be real, a fan base would be incomplete without someone going crazy and chants for their team to win it all in six, even if the chants happen when they’re down 2-1. Lastly, some fan made a “Suns Block” poster after the most clutch block of Giannis’ career. Bucks fans are a different breed.


Well shit, this is a tough call. I really thought it would be easier to decide after breaking it down like this. It’s a split decision among celebrity fans, with both teams boasting big names in their respective fanbases. But it’s also a split decision between standout fans. Suns in 4 Guy is a huge favorite, but you just gotta love the beer fueled energy of the entire Bucks fanbase. It comes down to history. As I said before, it’s better to have won and lost, than never won at all. I believe, for that reason, Suns fans deserve it more. Whether the Bucks close it out tonight, or the Suns make their dreams a reality, tag @LFGSports, let us know who you think deserves it more and your reactions to how it all unfolds.

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