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NFL Fanbase Power Rankings: Conference Championships

4. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills fanbase was a rollercoaster throughout Sunday night. They were as pumped up as ever throughout the first quarter, then nosedived into solemn defeat and blame for the next few hours. However, after the game, Bills Mafia began to come back to Earth and react in a more collected way.

There were times during the game where some Bills fans were acting like the team had just watched Nathan Peterman through five interceptions. They were really getting down, understandably so, about this loss. Once the final whistle blew, some of the fans finally started to remember that they were in the AFC Championship and still have a bright future ahead of them.

In the end, just like the team on the field, it was too little, too late from Bills fans. They need to be more consistent about their support. Good fanbases cheer after a tough loss, but great fanbases don’t lose their composure in the middle of one.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There were lots of solid reactions from the Buccaneers fanbase. The team hasn’t been this successful in a long time, and they deserve it. Bucs fans also reacted about as well as they could have regarding the controversial refereeing in their matchup with the Packers. They didn’t gloat, they didn’t deny that there were some suspect calls, they just enjoyed the win and kept their difference. Could Bucs fans be a little more pumped up after a win to send them to the Super Bowl? Sure. But overally, the fanbase did pretty well today.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

They knew it was coming. How couldn’t they? The Chiefs are a special team, and the fans are enjoying just being a part of it all. The fanbase expected the win, but still reacted as excitedly as anyone. Chiefs fans are hungry to win the Super Bowl again, and I love it. They support their favorite players, they get hyped for big plays, and are overall just a really great fanbase. I absolutely think that another Lombardi Trophy could send Chiefs fans down the same dreadfully arrogant path as Patriots fans, but for now, they’re in the clear. Although some of the players were immature and disrespectful at several points throughout the game, the vast majority of the Chiefs fanbase reacted with class.

1. Green Bay Packers

It was a bad decision. Down by eight points, just a few minutes to go, with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, and the Green Bay Packers kicked a field goal. A goddamn field goal.

Packers fans have every right in the world to be mad, especially at their coaching staff. There’s a difference between blame and accountability, and the Packers fanbase is certainly holding their team accountable right now. There was definitely some whining about calls (and even then most of it was justified), but most of the attention was rightfully focused on the team’s own failings.

This is how you respond to a frustrating loss. I love the intensity. Way to go out on top, Packers fans.

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