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NFL Fanbase Power Rankings: Super Wild Card Weekend

Honorable Mentions: Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers

Both fanbases got to relax and watch the games this weekend with no pressure. Both teams are good enough that their fans don’t need to be too worried with their next opponent. Neither fanbase got into any squabbles or drama with any other fanbases based on trash talk or predictions. They got to take the sideline for a few days and prepare for hopefully some entertaining games next weekend.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

I don’t know how they didn’t see this coming. The Steelers had just one win in the five games leading up to the playoffs, and they had to mount a big comeback to barely beat the Colts a few weeks ago. Yet some way, somehow, Steelers fans were still cockier than ever entering the playoffs. Maybe they were taking some guidance from their beloved JuJu Smith-Schuster, who danced on teams’ logos and said that this was “still the same Browns team I play every year.” Did the Browns ever beat you like that, JuJu?

The Steelers fanbase, who still felt emboldened by a 11-0 start, were so sure that they would win this game. Watching their reaction on Twitter as the game slowly slipped away from them in the first quarter was quite the sight to see. Saying that Tomlin should be fired or that Roethlisberger is garbage doesn’t change the fact that your team lost, and you were wrong. There are times to point fingers, but now isn’t one of them. Shut up, and take the loss for once.

11. Indianapolis Colts

Where do I even start? After the Colts lost a hard fought game to a very good Bills team, the fanbase seems to be in shambles. There are calls for their coach, someone who helped the Colts exede expectations this year, to be fired because he had the balls to go for a touchdown instead of a field goal on fourth down. Some Colts fans want their quarterback, the ultimate dad Phillip Rivers, replaced as soon as possible. People are mad at Michael Pittman (who played a great game by the way) because he didn’t catch a bad pass. I’ve even seen Colts fans start to turn on the goggled God, the Hot Rod, Rodrigo Blakenship, all because of one missed kick. Turning on your own like this shows great weakness and insecurity in a fanbase.

Even worse than this is the blasphemous claim that the refs were biased against their beloved Colts.

The claim that this foot is somehow out of bounds.

Or the claim that this knee is somehow on the ground.

Special shoutout to @tpompom420, who commented on our TikTok, “Bills got bailed out by the refs a lot.”

There were several other calls that were apparently involved in a conspiracy against the Colts This level of denial, along with the mounting mutiny within the fanbase, shows the sad reality of the fanbase right now.

10. Chicago Bears

Jets fans wanting to tank this year is completely understandable. Jaguars fans wanting to tank is fine too. Even Eagles fans had fair reasons to want to lose their final game. But wishing your team had tanked when they made the playoffs? That’s too far.

Bears fans showed their true colors after their loss to the Saints this weekend. In an ultimate act of cowardice, the fanbase was filled with people complaining that the Bears made the playoffs. Complaining… that their team had a chance to win a playoff game. And for what? A pick two or three spots higher in the draft? A good fanbase is realistic, but you need to have some confidence, some self-worth. Bears fans this weekend were more scared this weekend than Mitchell Trubisky throwing a pass more than ten yards. This fanbase, just like the team they cheer for, has a lot of work to do.

9. Seattle Seahawks

Pain. Confusion. Insecurity. The Seahawks fanbase is feeling a lot of emotions right now, and none of them are good. They had yet another disappointing postseason, which seems to be becoming a routine for them.

Blame is of course natural with teams that lose playoff games. But the Hawks fanbase’s choice of scapegoat is ridiculous. Russell Wilson is a perennial top five quarterback in the league. He led them to a Super Bowl victory, another Super Bowl appearance, and has carried them to the post season several times. Yet in a game where his offensive line played terrible the whole game, he’s the one that gets all of the blame. Did he have a bad game? Yes. Are Seahawks fans that blame only him for the loss dumb crybabies? Also yes.

8. New Orleans Saints

There was nothing especially wrong with how Saints fans reacted to winning this Sunday. They were heavy favorites and took care of business in a largely uneventful win over the Bears. There weren’t any crazy plays to get hyped over, and it definitely wasn’t an upset. However, a playoff win is a playoff win, no matter what the circumstances are.

Saints fans were calm after their win… almost too calm. I’m not asking for them to break through a burning table, but give me something. All the fan reactions I saw were about as straight-faced as Bill Belichick winning a game. No celebration, no hot takes for next week, nothing. I need to see more from the Saints fanbase if they want to be considered among the best of the best.

7. Los Angeles Rams

Rams fans are definitely feeling pretty good after beating Russell Wilson with an AAF quarterback and a quarterback twelve days removed from hand surgery, and rightfully so. The fanbase reacted positively to the win and were very supportive of their team.

Many fans made sure to thank John Wolford for his efforts, and wished him well after he was sent to the hospital due to a hard hit to the head. He gave his all to the team and Rams fans made sure to show him the love he deserved after he gave everything he could to the team.

However, it’s not all perfect in LA. The fanbase has every right to be confident after this game, but it seems that they’re becoming cocky. Several fans of the team have started to boast about having an “easy game” against the Packers next week. Assuming that the Bears will lose (which would secure a game against the Packers)? Fair. Assuming that you could beat Aaron Rodgers? Absolutely delusional.

6. Tennessee Titans

The Titans had a solid season, lots of talent on their roster, and only lost by a touchdown. You’d expect their fans to be pissed off right about now. Some were, but the overwhelming majority took the loss on the chin. Most of the fanbase accepted that their defense was bad, and their offense could be shut down quickly if Derrick Henry was having an off game.

Their defense let Lamar Jackson walk all over them, and Henry had only 40 yards. It was a recipe for failure, and Titans fans knew it. There was very little blame, complaining, or surprise. Although there are always a few loud whiners in every fanbase, Titans fans took this loss as maturely as possible, and their ranking reflects that.

5. Washington Football Team

Fans of the Football Team were the absolute opposite of sore losers this weekend. They didn’t expect to make it this far. They were happy to be in the position to host a playoff game, and just wanted to have a good, respectable showing.

To say the least, they got what they wanted. Quarterback Taylor Heinicke, who used to be a backup in the XFL, had to play again, as Alex Smith was still hurt. He stayed cool under pressure, and had several awesome plays. He avoided a sack and dove to barely touch the pylon to score, separating his shoulder in the process.He played through the injury, and then threw a dime to keep Washington in the game. Heinicke’s performance was very encouraging, and Football Team fans were very thankful for his efforts.

The fanbase is as happy and positive as they could be right now. Going into the game with a bad taste in their mouth from the Dwayne Haskins Saga, Washington fans are feeling confident and have a lot to look forward to for next year.

There was no blaming of the refs or whining. Just acceptance and humility.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Revenge is best served in the playoffs. After the Titans gathered on the Ravens logo before beating them in week 11, Baltimore was looking to avenge both the loss and the disrespect from their now rival.

To cap off one of the final drives of the 20-13 victory, several Ravens players went to stomp on the Titans logo to give them a taste of their own medicine. This gave the already pumped up fanbase another thing to brag about as they move onto the divisional round.

I think the current energy of Ravens fans is summed up best by @devfrom63rd on Twitter, who made a point of leaving some choice words in the comments of the Titans Twitter page. “I love seeing Titans fans cry. It’s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Their loss is the only reason I’m still alive, I was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved 🤣🤣🤣.”

This may seem a bit rude. That’s because it is. But when it’s payback, a little bit of rudeness is needed sometimes.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winning in the playoffs is always impressive, no matter who the opponent is. However, what’s even more impressive is the ability to remain humble after a hard-fought victory.

Following the Bucs’ one-possession win over the Washington Football Team, the fanbase remained calm and respectful. They could have bragged or clowned on the team for any number of shortcomings. They couldn have claimed that Washington had no place in the playoffs with only a 7-9 record. Instead, they congratulated their opposing fans on a great season. They were the epitome of gracious winners, and made sure to specifically put some respect on former XFL backup Taylor Heinicke’s name, who balled out in Alex Smith’s absence. Bucs fans couldn’t have had a better weekend.

2. Cleveland Browns

They deserved this one. They’ve taken so much shit over the past quarter of a century, and now they finally get to bask in the glory of a playoff win. The fanbase has been teased relentlessly, especially by their AFC North rivals, so pummeling them in a primetime playoff game is the ultimate proof that they’re not the league’s punching bag anymore.

It’s heartwarming to see fans who know nothing but losses to get such a great victory. On the other side of the coin, fans who have lived years and years of their life forced to watch terrible Browns teams are being rewarded for their loyalty. The fanbase is happy, but still hungry for more. They’re still getting used to winning like this, but if things keep going their way, wins like this will be old news for them. For now though, they'll keep dancing like Baker Mayfield and enjoy the victory.

1. Buffalo Bills

No other fanbase could be number one. No other fanbase circles the wagons like Bills Mafia. No other fanbase breaks as many tables at Bills Mafia. It’s not up for debate. They are the best fanbase in the entire NFL.

The Mafia is celebrating their first playoff win since 1995. Their bad assed, gun-slinging quarterback Josh Allen wasn’t alive the last time they won in the postseason. Tens of thousands of Bills fans are experiencing this moment for the first time ever. And boy, are they excited.

They are the epitome of “Let’s fucking go!” this weekend. They’ve got good looking fans, plenty of tables that they’ve broken already, and a feeling of accomplishment that they don’t know how to deal with in a safe and mature way. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay.

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