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Normalize not allowing people to conduct or have business meetings at games

Have you ever gone to a game with a girlfriend, the boys, or just by yourself, and happened to see obnoxious Suits at some point? Well, I have, and it’s about time someone fucking takes a stand. Sporting events aren’t for business meetings or networking opportunities. Games are for the fans to be a load of fun, to lose themselves in the moment, and truly be an impact on the game. The Suits are the guys who used to come to the party in button-ups and loafers while everyone else was in sperries, jerseys, and a hat to the back. No one likes the energy.

The Suits need to be made an example, simply for all the devotees who cannot afford to go to games regularly. These people grind their asses off throughout the week just to be able to sit in the nosebleeds and watch their favorite player do something magical. There are actual FANS who would like to sit in the box and experience a lifetime experience. Instead, the Suits sit up there, barely watching the game, discussing premiums, logistics, and politics.

“Hey assholes, this isn’t the time or place for that,” everyone's mother said at least once in their lifetime.

These guys need to hear that advice ASAP! People aren’t made out of money, therefore, this access is limited and the Suits don’t seem to be appreciating this opportunity. It pains me because there are people who would do anything to sit in Madison Square Garden just once, to experience what it feels like to be a fan surrounded by other screaming fans. The reality of the game is that sports are a privilege, and the people who get to utilize that privilege don’t capitalize on the opportunity as others would. I’ve been invited to the box seats once or twice in my life, and don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing experience. However, when you’re in the box majority of things are inclusive (if it’s free it’s for me), but the feel of the game isn’t necessarily there. Once you’ve got your boots on the ground, it may seem odd but luxury and sports don’t necessarily mix. Once you’re on the ground with other fans it’s hard to be in spaces looking down over them. When you appreciate and are grateful for any opportunity and are around people sharing the same mindset the amount of fun and laughs that are shared are immI wish they’d appreciate the game more and be grateful for having the opportunity to be a fan, as there are millions who would do ungodly things for an opportunity to be there at the game.

While I think there’s a need for the people in the suits to help evolve the games we love, that particular moment when the game is happening, is not the place to conduct business. I’m making a stand and calling for a ban on Suits in sports events. It’s unnecessary, uncalled for, and most importantly, nobody ever wants seats to be filled with “that guy”.

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13. 2. 2022

Beating my dick to this article. One time I was watching a baseball game for my son (his name is Tommy) and another “dad” in the stands was wearing a suit. I proceeded to throw my mustard on him and fight him, and security dragged me out (shirtless, mind you) of the game and banned me from future school events. One time I hit a man with my car. But anyways, good article. He didn’t survive. The man, I mean.

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