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Ohio State and Pinto Ron

This weekend LFG traveled to Ohio State on Saturday and Buffalo on Sunday. This road trip was for the content and for the team. Two of our ambassadors hit the road with LFG for the first time. The focus was on capturing content and giving our ambassadors the true LFG Sports experience. Ohio State vs. Wisconsin on Saturday was an experience these ambassadors will never forget. The team bounced around a few tailgates and watched the game at "Midway on High" an OSU hotspot for gameday fans. After the game we drove to Erie and spent the night editing and preparing for Buffalo. 8am wake-up was in the cards for Sunday morning when we traveled to Buffalo for Bills vs. Eagles. It was Monsoon in Buffalo and pouring. Within 10 minutes of arriving to Buffalo we hit the "Hammer Lot" where legend Pinto Ron was getting ready for his pregame ritual. He was about to get bathed in Ketchup and Mustard. Billsmafia circled Pinto Ron and Yasi got access on top the Pinto Ron van for exclusive footage. I was down in the pit only a few feet from Pinto Ron. When the ketchup and mustard started flying the crowd started chanting "Ketchup!" "Mustard!". Ketchup and Mustard was bouncing off Pinto Ron and hitting Billsmafia. I almost puked and it was fucking disgusting, but electric. Griffin got in for a quick postgame interview. This was a truly unforgettable experience. Anyways, we left the tailgates to watch the NFL games and edit our content in a local bar " Buffalo Sports Garden ". The Bills lost and we headed back to Syracuse with the team. Hell of a weekend but nothing out of the ordinary. Just your average day.

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