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Fan Interview Friday: Planes fly high but Jets fly higher

The New York Jets have been around since 1963, and they haven’t been the greatest to their fans. However, Nolister Montas is still a die-hard New York Jets fan. He was born in Brooklyn but raised in New Jersey, he took a liking to these from an early age. Many might wonder, “Why in the hell the Jets, of all teams?”

Ironically, his first game he ever watched was the Jets vs. the New England Patriots and, you guessed it, the Jets got smacked. He went to high school with former head coach Rex Ryan’s son and got to meet Jets players regularly, as they would show up to their high school games. At times, Ryan even allowed his team to train at the Jets facilities before big games. So I guess, there’s a little logic behind the madness, yet, if only he knew this decision would come back to haunt him forever. Naturally, like any Jet fan, his favorite team to see lose is the New England Patriots.

“I hate the cheatriots a.k.a. Patriots! I mean think about it, I’m in my mid-20s, and I can count on the number on my hand how many times I’ve witnessed us beat the Patriots,” said Montas.

He claims it’s not as easy as many people would think to find Jet fans, due to the fact, many went into hiding after the Mark Sanchez butt fumble. Since they are so few and far between in the wild, he lights up any moment he finds a fellow unapologetically passionate Jet fan. While he admits it’s been very difficult to openly support the Jets. He has never considered switching teams, but he does have backup teams when the Jets aren’t contending for anything. He still has an optimistic view of the Jets, and is content with getting his ass kicked for the majority of the season because he believes they’re going to turn it around. Additionally, the four or five wins they get a season against good teams provides him with just enough hope going forward.

No matter what, it’s a win for the Jet fans

Montas explains he’s been to countless Jets games and tailgates, and they have no super cool traditions like many teams do. He explains the beauty of the Jets tailgate is a win-win mindset. Naturally, I asked him to explain himself. He responded:

“Listen, we’re the Jets and we understand we fucking suck, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. So this means when you go into a Jets tailgate, the mindset is: party. Get hammered because if we lose, we are supposed to,” Montas explains. “However, if we win, oh boy watch out and hold on for the ride because Metlife burns to the ground.”

There’s not much to root for, yet, so they find ways to make the game entertaining for themselves. Montas tends to root for Zach Wilson and Braxton Berrios. Apparently, there’s an ongoing joke within the fanbase that their best player is Zach Wilson’s mom. Why I’m not sure, but again something to root for.

With Tom Brady retiring, it doesn’t leave much left to hate for Jets fans regarding the Patriots. Yet, leave a hater to hate and they’re going to hate. Montas' biggest bone to pick happens to be rookie quarterback Mac Jones. He believes no quarterback should ever be able to win any game with only three passes and now is infuriated by seeing anything good Jones does.

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