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Superstition Introduction

If you have ever seen the movie, Silver Linings Playbook, you know that superstitions are real and it is a true belief that a single action can completely affect the “juju” of a game. All the television remotes must be in their exact place, and the lucky Eagles handkerchief is kept safe in the hands of Robert De Niro, who plays an Eagles Superfan. While not everyone has nearly as many superstitions as shown in this movie, most people have at least one that they have been known to do during a game while supporting their team.

I, myself am a Patriots fan, which means I am never able to watch a game without loads of stress. I also know that no matter how big a team leads at half, the game is never over until time runs out. During Superbowl 51, I was watching the game with family and friends. There was enough food to feed tons and everyone swarmed together in the living room never taking their eyes off the TV. The entire first half of the game was met with silence. No one in the room dared open their mouths, completely shocked and terrified with how the game was progressing. At half time, all the superfans, including me, were heartbroken, believing the game had already been won.

However, there were also some in attendance who did not care much for sports and were there for socialization. During half time, they went into the kitchen to do a little cleanup and continue bringing out food. While they were doing this, the third quarter began and thus started a revolutionary comeback. When they tried to enter the room again, everyone began to scream, afraid that their mere presence would completely mess up the outcome of the game. For almost two long hours they were forced to stay in the kitchen and were not allowed to enter until the game clock hit zero.

Before that, I had never seen myself as a superstitious person when it came to sports. I would hope for miracles and hope for the desired outcome, but I did not believe that a single action could influence the outcome. Yet, I will not say that had we allowed the others to return to the room, the Patriots would have still won. What occurred that day was a miracle and I would like to think that my family and myself played part in the victory.

This fall I am going to explore some crazy fan superstitions! If you have any superstitions reach out to be featured in our weekly column!

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