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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Ten

Another week of NFL action brings another week of great fan moments. This week was sort of dull in terms of fan moments but nevertheless, we delivered the top three. For those that are new, enjoy and for weekly readers, you know the drill.

#3 Jackson Mahomes misses a game… and the Chiefs win big

Although I am not on TikTok because I am not a 5 year old girl, I was pleased to hear Sunday that we would not get our weekly Jackson Mahomes TikTok, because he was not attending SNF. He is the brother of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, and if you don’t know he makes TikTok’s before every game -- including one on Sean Taylor’s retired number a few weeks ago. This weekend he posted a video late Sunday afternoon and said he wouldn’t be able to attend the game. Chiefs fans must have been relieved, as he embarrasses fans and the team every week. He goes to every game and the Chiefs have had a slow start to the season, so him sitting out this one was a big win on and off the field for the Chiefs. As soon as he doesn't show up to the game, the Chiefs won by 27, Coincidence? I think not?

#2 Raiders fans are back?

The Raiders moved to Las Vegas late in 2019, and last season was the first in the new and shiny Alligient Stadium. Raiders fans are one of the most passionate fan bases in the sport, and last year with COVID we were robbed of seeing their new potential. On Sunday, the Raiders were at home on a national stage for what felt like the first time in a while. The NBC broadcast showed tons of Raiders fans dressed up in their all-black attire, as well as unique masks and costumes. The Raiders got killed, but it was good to see the fans in primetime once again. The fans in attendance were also treated to seeing legend Charles Woodson receive his Hall Of Fame ring.

#1 Lions fans finally win one

I know, I know, the Lions didn’t actually win a game, but hear me out, this counts as one of those ‘moral victories’. The Lions tied with the Steelers on Sunday, so one thing is sure, they will not be the first 0-17 team in NFL history. It is a sad look for the Steelers as they had the chance to jump into first place in the AFC North, and they botched it. Granted, the Steelers were without Big Ben, but to lose to the 0-8 Lions at home is pitiful. For the Lions, it isn’t a win, but it doesn’t go into the loss column. It is pretty fitting that Dan Campbell’s first ‘win’ as coach is a tie, because why the hell not? It seems as though neither of the teams wanted to win as the Lions kicker shanked the game-winning field goal and Steelers tight-end Pat Friermuth fumbled in field goal range with 8 seconds left in OT. As a fan of the game and Dan Campbell, I am so glad this game ended in a tie. Having a tie is so fun to see when two teams have an extra 1 and the end of their record, especially when it comes to winning divisions. The tie at the end of the Steelers record will screw us all up at the end of the year come playoff time, but we’ll all figure it out at some point, although I can’t say the same for Jared Goff.

Thank you for reading, this week we had some honorable mentions such as the Chubb jersey duo and possibly Cam Newton’s return although it isn’t totally fan related. We look forward to another week of NFL action, as we are slated for some more great games on Sunday. See you all next week around the same time. As always, LFG.

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