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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week 18

The first ever week eighteen in the NFL is in the books, and the playoffs are now upon us. Sadly, that means this is the last regular season edition of our fan moments rankings. It has been a great regular season ride, and we look forward to continuing these rankings all throughout the postseason. Those playoff rankings don’t start until next week, so until then, let's dive into the final week in the regular season.

#3. Ravens honor Big Ben

Big Ben is on his farewell tour, and played his final regular season game in Baltimore this past Sunday. The Steelers backed into the playoffs after having everything go their way in week 18, but that is not what we are here to talk about. The Ravens and Steelers are involved in one of the most fearsome rivalries in all of football, and on Sunday the rivalry was once again renewed. As the fourth quarter began in Baltimore, the Ravens showed a “tribute” to Big Ben on their video screen, but it was savagely just a video of him getting sacked by past Ravens. The fans in the stadium went absolutely nuts for it. The Ravens definitely had the right thought by showing a video tribute, but they did it in their own special way.

#2. Cowboys and Eagles fans fight

The Cowboys and Eagles also renewed their rivalry in week 18, and the Cowboys kicked the shit out of the Eagles (on and off the field). A video surfaced after the game of a Cowboys fan charging at an Eagles fan and going Floyd Money Mayweather on his ass. As you can see in the picture above, the Eagles fan was not prepared for this epic battle, and soon paid the consequences. I don’t know how this fight started but both of these fanbases rank near the bottom of the league, so this fight was probably justified in some way.

#1. Jaguars fans clown-out in opposition of GM Trent Baalke

I am sure everyone has heard this story, but this was probably one for the ages. Jaguars fans earlier in the week (after Jags GM Trent Baalke was retained) decided that they would all go to Sunday’s game against the Colts dressed up as clowns. The plan did not fail, as there were countless videos of clown tailgates and clowns in the crowd. The Jags are 4-29 in their last two seasons so I can see why the fans are upset -- especially under Baalke who hired Urban Meyer this past offseason. Even though Jags fans are upset with the franchise, they are 1-0 in clown games as they killed the Colts: which knocked them out of the playoff race. We just need to give credit to the Jags fans for actually planning and going through with this plan, we salute you.

We have done it, the last regular season fan moment rankings are finished and it was a great ride. We turn our heads to the playoffs, where teams and their fan bases step it up. Until next week, LFG.

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