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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Eight

Week eight has concluded and you know what that means, another week of our rankings of the top fan moments. Let's get right into it.

#3 Texans fans roll deep for epic matchup against Rams

The Texans met the Rams on Sunday in what many were calling the game of the decade, nope just kidding. The Texans of course got throttled by one of the best teams in the sport, unsurprisingly. The worst part about this game was the turnout (or lack thereof) of the fans, as the broadcast showed one of the worst attendances we have seen all year. The Texans are easily the second worst team in the league, only the Lions being worse, so their fans not showing up is not that far fetched. You just have to feel for their fans, as just a few years ago, this team ran the AFC South and was in the playoff picture every year. As shit has hit the fan in the past 2 or 3 years, their fans have become less and less involved, and I feel they deserve much better.

#2 O.J. Simpson shows up to the Bills game, coincidence it’s on Halloween?

Well, this is a pretty controversial topic, but there is no doubt the fans of Buffalo still love O.J. In his own tweet, which opened up with his famous “Hey Twitter world, it’s me, yours truly”, he recapped his memory of opening up the Bills stadium now known as Highmark stadium. He also gave his prediction that the Bills would kill the Dolphins (ironic?). He was sitting in his own suite, did the Bills hook up a potential murderer with a suite? Now O.J. is just a fan of the team, so he came out of his suite to say hello to other fans and, by the look of the video, the fans still love him. It is not often O.J. goes to a Bills game or interacts with other people and fans publicly, so it was cool seeing him back at the stadium. I just have to wonder if he took a date with him...

#1 Fans show out on Halloween

It is not often we get Halloween to fall on an NFL Sunday, but when it does it is a treat, not a trick. This past weekend we got Halloween football, and the fans did not disappoint. My personal favorite fan costumes are the people that creatively incorporate their favorite teams into their costumes, just like the picture above. Another costume went viral as an Eagle’s fan dressed up as a sunflower dancing after the Eagles trounced the lowly Lions. Halloween football is so epic, and after a successful Halloween night I got another treat of watching my Cowboys win their sixth in a row (Shoutout Cooper Rush).

Thank you for reading, as week 9 is almost upon us we look forward to another week of NFL football and more FANtastic moments. Possible honorable mention is fan Peyton Manning going to the Broncos game to get his number retired and getting to see his old team win. We will see everyone next week as always. LFG.

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