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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Eleven

Week 11 in the NFL was interesting to say the least. Along with the in-game action, came another week filled with fan interaction and moments. As we get closer to Thanksgiving and week 12, welcome to another weekly edition of our rankings of the top NFL fan moments, this time of week 11.

#3 Josh Allen Gets A Beer

The Bills had a tough Sunday, getting killed single-handedly by Johnathan Taylor. Josh Allen had a bad day at the office too, and sometimes you just need a beer to unwind. Late in the game, a fan dressed in full uniform as Josh Allen was captured in a photo getting a beer. Just hilarious, I personally love the fans that dress up in full uniforms for games, especially when the fans team gets their asses kicked. The thing that makes this picture so much funnier is the Bills posted a video of Josh Allen drinking a beer early on Sunday. I mean, has anyone seen this guy and Josh Allen in the same room? Maybe it truly was Josh Allen grabbing a cold one while getting his ass kicked, I guess we’ll never know.

#2 Steelers fans and their Terrible Towels invade SoFi

The Steelers may suck, or they may be good, I don’t know, I really haven’t figured it out, but that does not stop their fanbase from traveling. On Sunday, Steelers fans got to experience SoFi stadium in all its glory. The Steelers lost, but the turnout from fans is really something special. I just do not understand how even with the talent this Chargers team has, how they continue to see bad turnouts to their beautiful new stadium. It’s been a long running joke that Chargers home games are actually away games, but it appears Sunday night was officially a road game for the Chargers. It's truly sad that Dean Spanos moved the Chargers out of San Diego, and even with a new stadium, it must hurt him to see the lack of support for the team.

#1 Cam’s epic return home

Cam Newton made his much anticipated return to Carolina on Sunday, facing his former backup, Taylor Heinicke, and his former head coach, Ron Rivera. The Panther ultimately lost to the team with no name, but the game had no shortage of feel good moments. Cam ran out of the tunnel to “I’m coming home”, and was greeted with loud cheers while coming out for warmups. The feel good moment of the game was in the late 2nd quarter when Cam ran in a go ahead touchdown and celebrated with his signature Superman pose. For Panthers fans, there hasn’t been much to cheer about this year so Cam coming back and leading the team was huge, even if it was in a losing effort. As mentioned, the Panthers lost, and the FOX broadcast sadly showed a fan rolling up a sign that read ‘yes we Cam’. You have to leave the sign there, even if the Panthers lost, it must’ve been so demoralizing to roll up that sign after Taylor Heinicke served the L.

That wraps up another awesome week of NFL action and fan moments. Horrible weather across the league like in Tennessee and Buffalo nearly made the list, but wasn’t exactly fan related. As always, thank you for reading. Since we won’t see you until next Tuesday on the rankings, we would like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate. As always, LFG.

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