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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Fifteen

The NFL season is slowly winding down as we are in week fifteen, but the game action and the fan moments that accompany it continue to be better and better week by week. Since the NFL had some weird scheduling issues this week, including two games on Tuesday, the rankings will not include anything that happened in the Seahawks-Rams or Eagles-Washington game.

#3. Failed scoreboard proposal

Every so often, we as fans get the treat of an epic sports proposal between two fans, this moment at the Dolphins game was anything but that. At halftime of the Jets-Phins faceoff, a tweet went viral that a fan had proposed to his girlfriend on the big screen. That is a pretty typical occurrence at some sporting events, except this time when the camera showed the supposed happy couple, the man was nowhere to be found, only the soon-to-be bride sitting there with her hand on her mouth. All time fail from this dude -- if you are going to plan a scoreboard proposal, how do you miss the most important part?! It truly is mind boggling how he was absent from his own proposal, but another photo came out of the woman with a ring on her finger, so it looks like everything worked out just fine.

#2. Jackson Mahomes gets bodied by Kansas City bar

Jackson Mahomes has actually found his way out of the public eye for a few weeks now, but last Friday a Kansas City bar called him out for trying to publicly trash them because they couldn’t seat him. They absolutely DESTROYED him in this announcement they put out. They called out his ego, his antics that included; dumping water on a Ravens fan and dancing on Sean Taylor’s memorial in Washington. I absolutely hate Jackson Mahomes, so this really puts a smile on my face. Jackson would be bagging groceries full-time if it weren’t for his last name, and all he does is try to capitalize on his brother’s success. I truly feel bad for Patrick Mahomes and the fact that he has to deal with this shit probably on the daily. Maybe Pat should just pull an Aaron Rodgers and disown his family….

#1. Fan is open in the endzone at Jags game

Jags fans really haven’t had a whole lot to cheer about this season but they continue to deliver top moments every week. This time around, during the second quarter of the game on Sunday a fan stormed the field, and right in the endzone. It was clearly visible on the broadcast, and we got multiple other angles of the heroic fan. The fan was wide open on the play but it looks like Trevor Lawrence audibled in favor of the run. The fan jumped around with his hands in the air before getting tackled by security and most likely spending the night in jail. This is probably the most successful “fan on the field” moment of the season, and a well executed one at that. I just wonder what would’ve happened had the Jags called a pass play in the direction of the fan.

That wraps up the top three moments of the week but there are some honorable mentions. That includes ‘fire Nagy’ chants at the Bears game on Monday night, and the dumpster fire that is the Giants offering season ticket holders free medium-sized Pepsi’s. Thanks for reading once again. Since we will not see you again until next week, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and enjoy the week. LFG.

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