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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Five

If you are joining us for the first time, welcome to our weekly rankings of the top fan moments from the past NFL week. For those that are seasoned vets, you know the drill.

#3 Chiefs superfan ‘X-factor’ knocked out

The Chiefs had a bad Sunday night as the Buffalo Bills (wagon) put an ass-whoopin on the team. Not only did the team have a bad night, so did one fan. Chiefs superfan ‘X-factor’ was seen on a viral video getting knocked out, badly. In a tweet by Chiefs John, a video shows one man in a yellow shirt abruptly go up to X-factor and punch him. X-factor was out cold and slowly rolled down the stairs. More videos in the replies showed X-factor getting ushered away by security and cops. Naturally, fans asked for context and Chiefs John delivered. He said “X factor threw a bottle of water at guy in yellow. Guy in yellow walked up and decked him without saying a word” and attached a picture of a sleepy X-factor. I wasn’t aware of X-factor before this video but apparently he is hated by Chiefs fans because of other personal issues. I honestly think this dude wanted to lay out X-factor but the water being thrown was just an additional reason to do so.

#2 Eagles fan performs worst streak ever

Before the Eagle’s pulled off somewhat of an upset on Sunday, their fans were down bad. Through twitter and other socials, their fans went off on the team, Jalen Hurts, Nick Sirianni, and Howie Roseman just to name a few. One fan in particular took it upon himself to stop the shit show that is the Eagles and made his personal attempt to streak on the field. In the video, the fan runs onto the field and simply just takes a seat in front of the Panthers sideline on the 35ish yard-line. What a weak attempt this was, and as an avid fan of streakers, this was a pure disappointment -- yet not surprising from an Eagles fan. I think that the guy had a plan, but once he actually reached the field he didn't know what to do. His best instinct was to sit down and presumably spend the night in jail. It was a poor attempt at streaking and he exerted all that effort for absolutely nothing. Although it was a sorry attempt, being a fan of streakers and fans on the field in general, I just had to include it on my list.

#1 Taima the hawk lands on guys head

Undoubtedly, the number one from this week comes from Thursday Night Football, where pregame, an ACTUAL Seahawk landed on a dude’s head. The Seattle Seahawks mascot ‘Taima the hawk’ usually makes an appearance before home games, but this week the bird made an unexpected landing on an innocent bystander’s head. At the end of the first quarter of the Seahawks Vs. Rams game, the broadcast showed footage from pregame where the mascot flew towards the fan, and finally landed right on his head. Most likely a scary surprise for this fan, he handled it like a true professional. Personally, I would have freaked out and tried to swat it off, probably just igniting the situation even more. The fan has short hair and the bird looks like he was clawing at his skull, so I'm sure Taima left a little mark on the guy. The best part of this story? This fan has a story he can tell literally for eternity, AND there is video evidence of it, additionally he probably has a scar or two.

Thank you for reading if you made it to the end. See everyone next week for week six. LFG!

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