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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Four

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Another week of NFL action is in the books and we are back to rank the top moments. This week, we narrowed our rankings down to three instead of five, as there wasn’t too much in terms of fan action.

#3 Bills Mafia back at it again

The Bills mafia and their tables have been a constant on this list for the first few weeks of the season. This week, we had two fans slamming their significant others into a table prior to their game against the Texans. Bills fans have a weird way of getting excited, but I guess it works as their team absolutely obliterated the Texans by 40, AND covered a -17.5 spread. This video went viral during the game, and there was not much of a surprise reaction as this is pretty on par with the fans. But, the other side of this video are the fans who thought this was pretty disrespectful since the guy literally throws his girl, and aggressively. Is it kind of soft for fans to feel bad? Maybe, because these girls (hopefully) happily agreed to this and it's all just a part of the Bills fan experience. In all honesty, I would be honored to be thrown into a table at a Bills tailgate.

#2 Urban Meyer has a fun Saturday night

Wow, it was hard to miss this story over the weekend. This isn’t directly fan related, and also probably had a college football element to it, but it was too good not to include. If you missed it, Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer went viral for all the wrong reasons Saturday night. After the Jaguars lost on Thursday night to the Bengals, Urban apparently stayed behind in Ohio for the weekend, "to visit his grandkids". But on Saturday night, the married man had a night out on the town. A video soon surfaced of a girl dancing on his lap, and it wasn’t his wife. More pictures came out like the one above, which came from the girl’s Instagram story. As previously mentioned, Urban is a married man with kids so this video came with major implications. Twitter and Instagram ran wild with this video and pictures, multiple people making jokes that Meyer thought the girl was Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence. On Monday, Meyer held a press conference in which he addressed the video and situation, “I should have left” and “It was stupid”. I can’t believe this made ESPN headlines, and this situation is just so messed up and funny at the same time.

#1 Brady makes his return to Foxborough

Did you expect anything else? Brady made his much-anticipated return to Foxborough as a Buccaneer and it lived up to the hype. Brady ran out on the field to loud cheers, but once the game started it was all boos. He did his infamous “LETS GO” before the game, and NBC highlighted some fan reactions and tweets before the game. The best quote that came from the game was Pats superfan, Schwartzy, who had a quote for the ages. “I want to see our friggin 'linebackers just pummel them and punish him”. The game also drew 28.5 million viewers, making it the second most watched game of all-time. NFL is king.

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