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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Fourteen

Welcome back to another edition of our weekly ranking of the top NFL fan moments. This week wasn’t eventful as the past week, but was still filled with some special moments.

#3 Aaron Rodgers and his doppelgänger

Aaron Rodgers played against the team he owns Sunday night, although the game was close for a while, the Packers eventually won by 15. In the fourth quarter the NBC broadcast showed a fan who looks eerily familiar. They put the fan next to Aaron Rodgers and we suddenly realized why the fan looked familiar. The fan looked like prime-Rodgers when he had the whole bear. Now, Aaron is getting a little gray these days so the fan doesn’t look exactly like Rodgers, but still impressive to look just like the future hall of famer. I just have to wonder if the fan is also a minority owner of the Bears?

#2 Jets fans perform a sacrifice?

I don’t put anything past Jets fans nowadays, but even for them, this is a bit extreme. I came across a video on Sunday of Jets fans outside of MetLife stadium burning a Saints jersey, presumably a Taysom Hill jersey.The Jets lost to the Saints on Sunday, but this video was obviously during pregame. I don't know if this is some type of ritual this group of fans perform before each game, but this video is just plain weird. In the video, the jersey erupts in flames and the fans go wild! The group eventually did their J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS chant. Another bit I found funny is the kid off to the right wearing a Zach Wilson jersey, who will probably be scarred for life after this. I just can't imagine his next tailgate when he asks his father, when are we going to burn a jersey?

#1 Browns fans team up on Ravens fan

This is the second time this year that Browns fans have made an appearance on the rankings due to fighting, which is kind of fitting for the Dawg Pound. In this video, it looks like a Ravens fan was surrounded by 6 swinging Browns fans. This guy was clearly outnumbered and the Browns fans in the row above him looked like he was coming to his defense, as they appeared to push fellow fans away from the poor dude in the middle of the shit storm. Obviously, the Browns and Ravens are heated rivals so it is not surprising the two fan bases hooked up for an in-game brawl. I love how even the Browns fans in the scuffle turned on each other and just started pushing one another. The background noise makes the video even better as in the distance you can hear the public announcer saying “that is another Browns first down”.

Well, that about wraps this week's top moments up. Although it isn’t fan related, the Cowboys made headlines for bringing their own team benches to internationally hated FedEx field, and naturally some fans had their panties in a knot as a result. Also I missed this one last week, but I found a video in which a Ravens fan threw a beer in a Steelers fans face. Those two moments get our honorable mentions this week, and deservedly so. We will see you next week, which includes Saturday NFL football, enjoy the week and as always, LFG.

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