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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Seventeen

The NFL season may be winding down, but this past week had no shortage of amazing fan moments. This could possibly be the best week of fan moments we have had all season, let us know in a comment! Let's get right into it.

#3. Tennessee says hello referee Shawn Smith

We’ll go to Tennessee for our number three moment of the week. The Titans killed the Dolphins and ruined their playoff hopes and dreams, all while (most likely) securing the number one seed in the AFC. Just before halftime, ref Shawn Smith came to midfield to call a pass interference but turned on his mic a bit early and was heard on the stadium speakers saying “hey, hey, hey”, reminiscent of when Kawhi Leonard said the same phrase just a few years ago in that viral video. After Smith said his piece, Titans fans in the crowd responded to Smith by all yelling “hey!”. Such a feel-good moment especially in this stinker of a game.

#2. FedEx Field collapses and nearly Kills Jalen Hurts

FedEx field is hailed as one of the worst stadiums in the NFL, if not THE worst. On Sunday it had another shining moment by nearly killing Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. As Hurts was walking to the Eagles locker room, a railing holding about 8 fans collapsed and just barely missed Hurts as the fans all fell on the ground. Hurts had some quick thinking and immediately started helping the fallen fans off the floor and checking if they were alright. As a Cowboys fan, it sometimes pains me to give Eagles players credit, but what a professional Hurts was in this situation. He even began taking pictures with some of the fans before security just had to ruin the moment. FedEx field and Dan Snyder really need to take responsibility for this, you don’t see anything like this happen at any other stadium. But after Hurts and the Eagles eliminated the Football Team, I can’t help but wonder if this was a targeted attack.

#1. Antonio Brown loses his mind (and his job)

This is going to be a long one because what a moment this was. This will probably be remembered as one of the craziest moments in NFL history. Although this wasn’t directly a fan moment, it has to be number one because some of the social media reactions to this moment were perfectly executed. Antonio Brown has done some crazy shit in the past, but this was his greatest show. Late in the third quarter the Bucs were getting railed by the Jets. The broadcast panned over and showed Brown, shirtless, and running off the field, hands in the air. From what we know from the aftermath, Brown refused to go back into the game and Bucs coach Bruce Arians told Brown to “get out”. Scott Hanson did a great job on RedZone of pointing out this unique occurrence, and everyone was quick to wonder what had occurred on the Bucs sideline. Videos soon emerged of Brown stripping on the sideline before storming off. My personal favorite is this video of a true New Yorker cursing out Brown. I mean who does that guy think he is, Tony Soprano? Anyways, there are too many layers to this story to fully unpack, but how it ended is my favorite. Brown was captured waiting for an Uber outside of MetLife Stadium. He was picked up by some dude named Danny Chalet, who you know had to get a video of this crazy situation. I also forgot to mention, Brown was released by the Bucs after this, and will probably sit around waiting for a team to call, or better, possibly a call from one of the Paul brothers?

Like I said, this week was pretty explosive in terms of fan moments, and if it wasn’t for Antonio Brown’s shenanigans, a starting QB almost having a rail collapse on him would’ve been number one. Besides that, we enter the last week of the NFL regular season and not to excite anyone but these weekly fan moments will continue throughout the playoffs, so we look forward to that. Have a week everyone, it's a new year. L.F.G.

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