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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Six

Welcome to our week six rankings of the top three NFL fan moments. This week we had some epic fan moments, especially from one of the annual London games between the Jaguars and Dolphins. Let’s get into it.

#3 London fans do not like the taunting rules

We got our second London game in a row, between the Jaguars and Dolphins. It’s slightly ironic that two teams from Florida flew all the way to England to play each other. These games are great for fans overseas and here in the States because we get football in the morning while fans overseas get to showcase their fandom for American football. It turns out fans in the U.K. aren’t that much different then us. As we have seen through six weeks, the new taunting rules are horrible and there is no consistency whatsoever in relation to how and when they are called. Early in the fourth quarter the Dolphins were driving as tight end Durham Smythe got smacked by Jags safety Rayshawn Jenkins while running a seam route. After the play was over, Smythe got up and did the first down signal right in front of a referee, and of course a flag was thrown for taunting. The fans in London did not agree with the penalty and began throwing trash on the field. Eventually the crowd calmed down and they were treated to a wild ending as the Jags hit a field goal to win 23-30, their first win in 20 games.

#2 Runner on field to start the London game

I love runners, so no doubt this had to be on the rankings, and great execution here by the fan. Remember this game was in London, these fans only have a game or two a year of American football they can go to. During the opening kick-off Sunday in London, a fan ran onto the field in a Jags jersey and helmet and CBS caught it on the broadcast. The G.O.A.T of commentating runners and streakers, Kevin Harland was on the call but unfortunately we were snubbed of getting another all-time call. The Jags fan in the video was wearing a jersey with the number 69 (nice) and was wearing a helmet. The fan had a little talk with the refs as he very calmly “dapped” up a few Jags players. The funniest part is the Jags players embracing the guy and a few other players stretching getting prepared for the game to start. He eventually went calmly with security but the fan no doubt achieved his goal and his execution was perfect.

#1 Aaron Rodgers owns Da Bears

Undisputed, number one is Aaron Rodgers owning an entire fanbase. If you follow football, you know that the Packers have an insane record against the Bears with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, as he is 22-5 against them as a starter, the Bears have only won against the Pack 3 times in the last decade. On Sunday, Rodgers cemented his ownership of the franchise. Rodgers led a drive down the field to go up by 10 late in the fourth quarter, essentially ending the game. He ran for the touchdown and celebrated with teammates, and as he was running towards the sidelines he shouted “I still own you!” which was picked up by the broadcast. This was peak petty Aaron Rodgers, after all the off-season drama, he had fun on Sunday beating up on his rival. After the game, Packers lineman David Bakhtiari confirmed that Aaron Rodgers said “I’ve owned you all my f--king life! I own you, I still own you!”, as tweeted out by former Packers columnist, Andrew Brant. Just an absolute savage quote by Rodgers and Bears fans were sent home sad, and under new, but old ownership.

This week had some great fan moments even though the games stunk it up, as all the favorites won in the early window. I think we have to give an honorable mention to the entire Mahomes family being down bad, that includes Jackson Mahomes 'accidentally’ making a TikTok on Sean Taylor’s painted number on the sidelines and Patrick Mahomes’ mother calling out Tyreek Hill for her son’s interception. Thanks again for tuning in, see you all next week for our week seven edition.

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