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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Sixteen

Welcome back to our week sixteen edition of the top NFL fan moments. This week was pretty dull on and off the field. Nevertheless, we are here to deliver the top moments from around the league.

#3. Seahawks fan throws a snowball on the field

The Seahawks were officially eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday by virtue of an embarrassing home loss against the lowly Bears. Late in the fourth quarter when the game was already decided, a presumed angry Seahawks fan threw a snowball on the field. This one was a snowy game so it is no surprise that there was snow in the stands. The rolling snowball was barely visible on the broadcast but it was obvious that something was thrown. I am willing to bet that the fan was kicked out of the stadium or even walked away in handcuffs.

#2. Stefon Diggs tells Pats fans to STFU

The Bills and their fans got their revenge on the Pats on Sunday and now have an inside route to another division title. In the first quarter, Bills receiver Stefon Diggs caught a touchdown pass over the middle and had an appropriate reaction to the Pats fans sitting in the endzone. The mics on the broadcast caught him screaming “You, You, You; shut the f**k up!”. Diggs is a legend for this, and shoutout to the guy with the microphone for picking up this signature moment. I am sure the Pats fans weren’t happy about Diggs calling them out, but they can continue crying because the Bills are America’s team at times.

#1. Zach Wilson surprises waitress with Tickets

A video was posted on Saturday of Jets QB Zach Wilson interacting with a waitress at a New Jersey Diner. The Waitress facetimed her son and he got a chance to speak with Wilson. After his meal while giving the woman an autograph, he told her he had two tickets to Sunday’s game against the Jags. I loved watching Wilson surprise this waitress, and having met a few athletes in my time, it truly warms my heart to see athletes that love and value their fans. Shoutout to Zach Wilson for making this incredible moment possible, and it deservingly gets the number one spot on our list.

As always, thanks again for reading. Next week will be our first rankings of 2022, so we wish every LFG reader a very happy and healthy New Year, and let's make the year great. LFG.

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