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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments From Week Twelve

Welcome back to another week of our NFL fan rankings. Today we look at the moments from week 12, including the Thursday Thanksgiving games. After a long weekend of football, there was no shortage of awesome fan moments, along with some great game action.

#3 Van Jefferson gets denied a Lambeau Leap

In the 2nd quarter of the much anticipated Rams @ Packers game, Matthew Stafford hit receiver Van Jefferson for a 79 yard touchdown. The Rams were right back in the game after the score, and Jefferson ran up to do the legendary Lambeau Leap, but was hilariously denied. The cameras caught him jumping into the crowd but quickly being pushed away. Although this score put the Rams back in the fight, this game was a good old fashioned ass whoopin, as the Packers never trailed and won 36-28. This Packers crowd was pretty electric, even chanting ‘MVP’ at Aaron Rodgers as he left the field.

#2 Cowboys fans brawl on Thanksgiving

As a Cowboys fan myself, I don't want to talk about the game result against the Raiders, but I'm sure everyone saw it as the game garnered 38.5 MILLION viewers. A video emerged late in the game of a few Cowboys fans seemingly fighting a concession stand employee. As the concession stand worker jumped over the stand, we can only assume what was said by the fans to invoke the fight. If I wasn't a Cowboys fan, I would say this was a trashy fight, especially during a football game, ON THANKSGIVING. I mean this is a day of being thankful, to be around friends and family, and us fans are out here fighting each other. I just want to say that these few Cowboys fans (most likely fair-weathered) do NOT represent the lot of us.

#1 Drew Brees is honored and leads fans in “Who Dat” chant

Drew Brees is a legend in New Orleans and the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Saints, so he rightfully got his send-off Thursday night on Thanksgiving. The Saints got killed, but that didn’t stop this legendary moment at halftime. Brees, now working for NBC and on the call for Thursday’s game, got honored at halftime, where he thanked the fans and the team for their love and respect. Brees led the Saints to a Super Bowl, and helped tremendously in relief for hurricane Katrina. The best moment from the ceremony was Brees leading the infamous “Who Dat” chant for what Brees called “the last time”. As he smiled and looked in his true habitat, true football fans around the world shed a tear for the legend. Tom Brady also made a surprise appearance on the jumbotron, jokingly thanking Brees for retiring, before fans quickly overshadowed the message with booes.

That wraps up a great week of football and for fans across the country. We enter a HUGE stretch of NFL games and potential playoff shakeups, so there is sure to be some incredible fan moments to go along with those games. Shoutout to Jaguars mascot Jaxson Deville getting the honorable mention for getting stuck on the bungee cord trying to hype up a sad Jaguars crowd. Thank you for reading, as always, LFG.

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