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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments Of Week Nine

Week nine of the long NFL season is over, and with that we are officially halfway through the 2021 regular season. With the conclusion of the NFL week, we are back ranking our top fan moments of the week.

#3 Chiefs place Jordan Love’s mom in the last row of GEHA Field At Arrowhead Stadium

Jordan Love got his first career start on Sunday after Aaron Rodgers was ruled out, we all know why. Surely a parent could not miss their son’s first career start in the NFL, and Love’s mom, Anna Love, hasn’t missed a game since Love’s freshman season at Utah State. Erin Andrews said that Love was sitting in the away team’s appointed section, so it is understandable that the backup quarterback doesn’t need the greatest family and friends tickets, but for the tickets to literally be in the last row of the stadium is wrong on a few levels. One of the best moments in sports is seeing parents in the crowd reacting to their sons' gameplay, for example Cooper Rush’s family last week in Minnesota. I don’t have a problem with FOX showing Love’s mom but the Chiefs not getting her better seats is truly a travesty. Not to knock on the Packers, or Love, but she didn’t miss very much as Jordan Love was lackluster and could not sustain anything in the 13-7 loss to the not-so-good Chiefs.

#2 Bills fan disgraces himself jumping through table

I feel like Bills fans and their table shenanigans always find their way on this list week in and week out, but this week was not for a good reason. This week, it's a bonehead from Florida jumping into the conversation. Bills fans typically have success when leaping through tables but in this video, one Bills fan jumped from atop a truck and as soon as he hit the table you could see the regret in his eyes. He looks like he nearly got whiplash from hitting the table so hard, as it did not break like he was most likely expecting it to do. If there is any way to get disowned by a fanbase it's failing at a table jump as a Bills fan.

#1 Eagles fans ironically throw a bouquet of flowers at Nick Sirianni

Just weeks after Sirianni awkwardly compared his team and locker room to a flower, as he was leaving the field after Sunday’s loss, a fan threw a bouquet of flowers at him. Sirianni has not done a great job in his first year as coach, but when he started rambling on about flowers and fertilizers, I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell the dude was talking about. As he was leaving the field after a somewhat disgraceful performance, a brave fan took his comparison a little too seriously. In the video, it’s hard to see the flowers being thrown but it is clear Sirianni was upset, as he looked up into the crowd and had to be held back, I mean what was he being held back from, going up into the crowd?! Another sad look for Eagles fans, as this is not the first time something has been thrown at Sirianni as he was leaving the field. The saddest part of this story is the poor flowers that were sacrificed, probably bought just in the event of an Eagles loss and getting it’s small time to shine as they made contact with the sorry ass coach.

Thank you for reading, we look forward to the next week of NFL action and all the epic fan action that comes with it. See you next week around this time, as always LFG.

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