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Top 3 NFL Fan Moments Of Week Seven

Another week of the NFL in the books, so you know what that means. Another week of us ranking the top fan moments from this weekend’s action. Week 7, your time to shine!

#3 Fan climbs into Ravens radio booth

While the Ravens were busy getting their shit kicked in, their radio broadcast team encountered a presumably drunk fan trying to climb into their radio booth, looking for another drink. In the clip you can hear color commentator Femi Ayanbadejo say “what are you doing?”, clearly distressed. Both commentators fell completely silent for over 10 seconds, and after their silence the play-by-play guy Gerry Sandusky just went on with his business and called the next play. After the play the two explained the situation, they stated that a fan tried to climb into the broadcast booth looking for a drink. What an embarrassing moment for the fan, either they were so drunk they thought a broadcast booth was a bar or they were just messing around. Either way, this was such an insane moment and honestly these two guys handled the situation like absolute pros.

#2 Tom Brady greets young fan who overcame brain cancer

This was a tough week to rank in terms of fan moments because it came down to this moment and another, which occurred in the same game. Although this moment comes in at #2 on my list, what a moment it was. Enough to make a grown man cry. This interaction embodies what is right in our world and in the sport of football, and to Tom Brady, hats off to you. This young fan was spotted earlier in the game with a sign that read ‘Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer’, which on its own is inspirational. Yet before the game concluded, Brady spotted the sign and decided to make the young boy’s day. He walked over to the boy, put his game worn Bucs hat on his head and shook his hand. The fan couldn’t hold back tears, and I am sure many who watched the video did too. Such an inspirational and emotional moment for Brady and the boy and I am sure the fan won’t forget that day anytime soon.

#1 Brady’s 600th touchdown pass ball debacle

Like I said earlier, this was a tough week to rank but I believe this whole situation deserves the number one spot. Late in the first quarter, Brady threw a strike to Mike Evans for your ordinary touchdown pass. Unaware, Evans ran over to a fan wearing a Bucs jersey and handed him the touchdown ball, and of course the CBS broadcast popped up a graphic that it was Brady’s 600th touchdown pass, the first in NFL history to do so. Once Evans became aware he gave it away, a Bucs assistant walked over to the fan and appeared to negotiate with him before the fan handed the ball over. Reports came out that this ball could be worth over $500,000, so many jumped to the conclusion that the Bucs robbed the fan, or at least he should’ve gotten a good haul from the team. As more days pass, more information comes out, as of now here is what the fan received: 2 signed Brady jerseys and a helmet, signed Mike Evans jersey and Evans’ game worn cleats, $1000 team store credit, season tickets for the remainder of this season and the full 2022 season, and one Bitcoin from Brady himself. WOAH, for a single ball! Now I get this is for a huge milestone ball, but I would take these items in a heartbeat. The fan probably had no expectation of going to the game and receiving a game ball, much less going viral and leaving with this haul. The fan, Bryon Kennedy, has also come out and said he wants to play golf with Brady, which I do not doubt will happen. It depends what side of the argument you are on, but if he couldn’t have the $500,000+, this is a pretty good second option.

This has been your weekly NFL fan moment rankings. As we sprint into week 8, the NFL and its fans have been in full force for almost 2 months, and it is the gift that keeps on giving. No honorable mentions this week, we will see everyone next week for our week 8 rankings. LFG.

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