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Top 5 NFL Fan Moments From Week Three

Once again, welcome back to another edition of our top 5 NFL fan moments of the week. Week three, you’re up!

#5 Browns and Ohio State fans making a tough decision

Browns fans are making their second consecutive appearance on this list, though last week they were featured at number one. This week they are at number 5, but it is nothing like the brawl we saw last week. Late in the third quarter during the FOX broadcast of the Bears versus Browns game, the camera flashed two young fans wearing Justin Fields’ Ohio State jersey. The fans took off their Fields jersey to reveal a Browns jersey. Fields was making his first career NFL start in Cleveland and no doubt many Browns fans in the stadium are Ohio State fans as well. It’s no surprise these fans swapped jerseys because Fields struggled in this game, as he was 3 for 8 passing with 29 yards to this point. This was a perfect moment for Cleveland sports, and I am glad it was captured on the live broadcast.

#4 Sheila Ford booed during Calvin Johnson ceremony

Welcome to the list, Lions, and stay classy. Legendary Lions wide-out, Calvin Johnson was honored at halftime of Sunday’s game versus the Ravens. During his ceremony, owner Sheila Ford stepped onto the field to help honor the hall of famer, and she was met with loud boos. Reports and videos came out from the event which showed she could barely be heard over the boos, but this isn't as bad as a look as it seems. Even though I am not a Lions fan, I most likely would have joined in on the boos because Johnson is a good example of how Ford runs the Lions. Calvin Johnson dominated the league, he was unstoppable, and the Lions treated him like garbage. Johnson eventually retired young at age 29 (reminiscent of Barry Sanders), and the Lions are partly to blame for that. Ford is one of the worst owners in sports, it is no secret, and the boos were warranted. Even though Johnson probably hates the Lions guts, he tried to hush the boos in the end. Obviously during this ceremony there was a lot of love for Calvin, but a lot of hate for Ford.

#3 John Mara has a horrible Sunday

Speaking of horrible owners and ceremonies, we now welcome John Mara and Eli Manning to the stage. Just as bad as Sheila Ford is, John Mara might just be worse. Just like the Lions, the Giants honored another legend in quarterback Eli Manning during their game against the Falcons. Just like Ford, Mara was booed loudly while trying to honor Eli Manning. Giants writer Jordan Raanan said it best, this really represents the current state of the team. Just like the Lions and Johnson, the Giants did not give Eli too much help during his career even though he won them two super bowls. Mara was being booed so badly, Eli had to tell them to stop. Even though this is a sad look for Mara and the Giants, I think their fans enjoyed the moment, but Eli deserves better. Not only was he booed at halftime, the Giants lost to the Falcons on a walk-off kick, and apparently Mara kicked two trash cans over in frustration. Just an overall horrible weekend for Mara and the Giants.

#2 Vikings fan hits the griddy

On Sunday during the fourth quarter of the Vikings matchup against the Seahawks, a fan ran onto the field and hit the griddy, a dance made popular by Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson. If you have read our rankings previously, you know fans on the field have a special place in our heart. What a moment this was, the fan ran all the way across the field, evaded security and stopped play. As he ran from security he got closer to the goal line, once he reached around the 3 yard line he began his griddy, but with security hot on his tail the guy was hit sticked and looks like he was stopped short of the touchdown. The best part of this video is definitely the guy hitting the griddy at the last second and almost executing his run perfectly. Also what a tackle by the security guard, someone get that dude a contract!

#1 Lions fans and their misery

The Lions make their second appearance on this list, coming in this time at number one. During Sunday’s game against the Lions, Raven kicker Justin Tucker hit a 66-yard record field goal to beat them at the last second. Fans in the stadium and around the country watched on as the field goal hit the crossbar and barely snuck inside the uprights. Lions fans have encountered some heartbreak over the years, no doubt, but this might take the cake for the most heartbreaking moment. Dan Campbell had his team playing well, and it would've been awesome for his first win as coach to come against the Ravens, at home, but it just didn't happen. Videos soon went viral of the Lions fans going through it. I mean for this to happen against the Lions is no surprise, their franchise is probably cursed, but it took a record-breaking field goal to beat them, and of course it went in. I think the saddest part about this whole situation is the field goal shouldn’t have even been attempted as it appears on the broadcast that the Ravens committed a delay of game on the play before the kick. This just sucks for Lions fans, and I am starting to feel bad for them. I am genuinely sorry to our Lions fan readers.

This has been your weekly rankings of the top NFL fan moments, we’ll see you next week for week 4!

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