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Top 5 NFL Fan Moments From Week Thirteen

Week thirteen was filled with epic fan moments, maybe the most moments out of any week of the season, and we ranked the top 5. There was also awesome game action including the Lions finally winning a game! Welcome back and let's get right into it.

#5 Washington fan proposes after huge W

This week’s fan moments were so good that this one lands at #5. After Washington won a HUGE game in Vegas to improve to 6-6, a video surfaced of two fans celebrating both the team win and the successful proposal. These are pretty loyal fans, especially the guy. You have to be very committed to a team to propose at one of their games, particularly in Vegas, and ESPECIALLY the Washington Football Team, the team with no name! Props to the guy for pulling this off and congratulations to the happy couple.

#4 This epic Cowboys fan

Although it feels like years ago, the Cowboys traveled to New Orleans last Thursday. Before the game, writer Jon Machota (A must follow for Cowboys fans) tweeted out a picture of a brave Cowboys knight. The guy was dressed in full knight attire, Cowboys themed attire that is. As I have always stated in these rankings, people that dress up for games are awesome, and nobody is arguing that. Since everyone hates the Cowboys, jokes were made of the guy. I think this dude is awesome and as Machota said in his tweet, the Cowboys had to win the game just for him, which they did.

#3 Lions actually win a game

This probably isn’t directly fan related, but it HAS to be included on this list. They finally did it, the Detroit Lions won a football game. After encountering numerous heartbreaks this season, I was glad to see the Lions finally win one this year, along with everyone else (except for Vikings fans). Lions fans have dealt with so much shit over the last few years, it is impressive the team draws good crowds and the fanbase is still active. The result was made even better by the fact that the team won on a walk-off touchdown as time expired. Fan favorite Dan Campbell also won his first game as coach and celebrated electrically like you would expect him too. The Lions are not the worst team in the NFL, even though their record might say otherwise. It was a feel-good moment Sunday afternoon, one Lions fans might never forget.

#2 Texans fan gets kicked out after Protesting Cal McNair…. In front of his suite

The Texans got destroyed by the Colts at home on Sunday, in a crowd that was probably mostly Colts fans. Cal McNair has no doubt been one of the worst owners in the NFL, and hated by Texans fans alike. On Sunday, one fan took the hate to the next level. He held up a sign saying “Hey Tommy Boy Cal Sell The Team” in the video. The fan also in legendary fashion wore a ‘We are trash’ t-shirt. It looks like Mcnair doesn’t deal with criticism well as he had the fan escorted and kicked out of the game. This dude is my new king, and favorite Texans fan. So I sir, salute you.

#1 Bears fan struggles with Poncho

Bears fans have truly had a tough season, especially after getting owned by Aaron Rodgers. On Sunday they got their weekly ass-kicking, at the hands of the Cardinals. Sunday’s game conditions were, let's say, less than ideal, as it was pouring and windy. During the first quarter, the FOX broadcast showed a Bears fan in the crowd struggling frantically with a poncho. Maybe the fan was trying to suffocate himself so he didn’t have to watch the dumpster fire that is the Bears. I can’t imagine being in the crowd near this guy and seeing him struggling like he did, nor can I believe anybody else besides FOX caught the moment on camera, so shout out to them for getting us this moment.

No honorable mentions this week because there were five moments instead of three this week. We will see you next week around the same time. Thank you for reading and LFG!

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