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Top 5 NFL Fan Moments From Week Two

Welcome back to our rankings of the top 5 NFL fan moments from the past week. This week had some amazing fan moments, and for the second week in a row, there is an undisputed number one selection. For those that do not remember, although these lists come out on Tuesday’s, they will not include Monday Night Football.

#5 Jackson Mahomes Throws Water At Ravens Fan

TikToker and brother of Patrick Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes, made headlines for all the wrong reasons Sunday night. If you're a casual fan of football, it's easy to miss Jackson, but he has been the center of many memes throughout the past few seasons. He makes TikTok’s on the sidelines to the dismay of many fans, and uses his brother’s fame and talent to gain followers and views. Late Sunday night after the Chiefs first loss of the season, it is easy to say that the Mahomes brother who doesn’t play quarterback, was not very happy. A video surfaced of a fan egging Jackson on, and he makes his way down to the bottom of his suite. As the fan continues to scream “I am sorry” Mahomes opens a water bottle and dumps it on top of him. The fan turns the camera around and continues to laugh and scream “Let's go!” as the video ends. Mahomes sent out a quote tweet and said “They were thirsty”. This was a great late fan moment from week 1, and hopefully we see more trolling of Mahomes this season.

#4 NFL RedZone Has A Technical Issue

Just two weeks into the NFL season, NFL RedZone had an outage and fans went crazy. Redzone, which was talked about in last weeks’ rankings, is very popular amongst NFL fans and when it crashed less than 20 minutes into the 1:00 slate, fans went wild all over social media, myself included. RedZone crashed while on its ‘Red Alert’ popup, which they show for big plays. As for my personal story, RedZone stays on in my house all day on Sunday’s, and when it crashed I was not very happy. I immediately checked twitter and texted my friend, which confirmed it wasn't an issue with my T.V. For many others, the freakout ensued. Many did not know what to do with themselves and just ended up waiting for the channel to turn back on. The true hero of this story is the fans of NFL twitter, all coming together to figure out that RedZone was frozen for everyone. Luckily for us fans, RedZone was up within 10 minutes and the everyone rejoiced.

#3 The One Steelers Fan.... Who Had A Really Crappy Sunday

The Steelers and their fans had a bad Sunday, as they dropped their first game at home versus the Raiders. The Steelers are known for their passionate fans and the Terrible Towel, but on Sunday one fan in particular had a really, really terrible day. A photo surfaced of a fan, wearing a Jerome Bettis Jersey, washing his pants in a bathroom sink. The text on the image reads “Dude pooped his pants and is washing them out in the sink”, there are some spelling errors in the photo text, but presumably because the guy was typing so fast to get this picture circulating. This fan is the definition of down bad, I mean to sh*t your pants is one thing, but at a professional football game?! The worst part is his nerve to go wash your sh*t-stained pants in a public sink? The embarrassment this dude is probably bottling up right now is impeccable, and the question I am left asking is, what happened to his shoes?

#2 Bills Fan Jumps Through Burning Table

The Buffalo Bills have one of the most passionate fan bases in the entire NFL, and one of their trademarks is jumping through tables. This week, we saw another viral video of a Bills fan jumping through a table, but with fire. This video appeared all over social media, and the immediate reaction wasn’t exactly positive. The video showed one Bills fan being picked up by two other fans and being thrown into a flaming table. The fan quickly jumps off the flame and gets the small fire off of his back. Apparently this guy received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns all over his body, even though it looks as if he got off unscathed. This flaming table jumping isn't uncommon in New York as we have seen it before, but the most impressive part of this video is the game was on the road. Bills fans traveled to South Florida to square off with the Dolphins, and if the Florida heat wasn’t enough, of course the Bills Mafia had to add some heat somewhere.

#1 Browns Fans Brawl

For the second week in a row, we have an undisputed number one. This week’s best fan moment goes to Cleveland Browns fans in the muni lot! This was crazy and hilarious, and pretty on par for Browns fans. The video and brawl started when two fans, one wearing an OBJ jersey and the other a black sweatshirt starting throwing haymakers. The dude in the black sweatshirt got the upper hand and started throwing some head shots, but the fight was broken up momentarily. Eventually, the guy who broke up the fight got involved, and a few more hopped in and we had an all-out brawl. Arguing ensued and punches were thrown, other fans were screaming in the background and multiple people were thrown down. This all happened pre-game, so the fans tailgating with drinks in hand tried jumping out of the way as fighters were thrown towards cars. One tailgate was ruined as the guy in the OBJ jersey was thrown into a table, Bills fan sighting? But, the best part of the video comes when the camera is flipped around revealing a Browns fan saying “lets go!” and smoking a blunt. Lastly, in typical Cleveland fashion, the brawl ended with a “Lets go Brownies” chant.

That does it for another week of fan-filled football moments. Also, Ray Lewis hyping up the Ravens crowd Sunday night is my honorable mention, it was electric but just missed this list. See you all next week for our week three edition.

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