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Undercover Red Sox fans at Yankee Stadium (feat. Fuck Mosquitos)

Tonight, Friday August 2nd, Red Sox fans from LFG Sports are going undercover at Yankee Stadium.

LFG Sports will be in right field at Yankee Stadium tonight debuting our new concept "Undercover Fans." We'll be disguised in Yankees jerseys, I heart NY shirts, and fake mustaches. We'll also be debuting our brand new "Fuck Mosquitos" sign (pictured below) because who doesn't hate mosquitos? So keep an eye on the bleachers every time there's a fly ball or home run to right field tonight.

Keep checking our social channels all day to see undercover fan content leading up to and throughout the game. The full video will be released in the coming days. Wish us luck, and if you're at the game, don't blow our cover!

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