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Hosts: Erel Israel & Tuck Steil
Producer: Jack McCarthy

Just Your Average Gamblers’ mission is to shine a light on the humor and raw emotion of the everyday (average) sports bettor. While most sports betting podcasts are all about numbers and advice/statistics, JYAG brings more of a casual feel. We are not trying to give any advice or earn credibility by any means. The idea is that there is something for every listener to take away. Whether that be affirmation in the sense of hearing someone else has your same parlay method or hearing that someone else is having a worse week than you. Hearing someone talk about bets in a more funny/less serious way and if you’re lucky - maybe some actual picks that win. 


We are trying to shine a positive light on the sports betting communities across the country and alleviate the negative stigma surrounding the everyday bettor. This positive light will be in the form of shared stories from randomly selected listeners, strategies, funny sports you’ve bet on, superstitions, and everything else in between (MINUS STATISTICS AND NUMBERS). 

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