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Don't Let LFG Get Hot: Company Update

Have you ever been to Omaha? How about Louisville? Nashville? Madison, WI? Over the past three months LFG Sports has traveled around the country hitting all those places plus many more . Schools like Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State (all schools that I never thought I'd visit), now have student bodies that have seen, heard about, and been interviewed by LFG.

Seeds have been planted all over the Midwest and Northeast. Besides Big 10 schools, LFG has made appearances at New Era Field (Buffalo), Metlife Stadium (New Jersey), Lincoln Financial Field (Philly), Nissan Stadium (Tennessee), and that's only to mention a few. By traveling to different cities and talking to so many people we are able to create lasting memories of LFG in fanbases across the country. We are striving to travel to as many new places as possible because we strongly believe in the idea of creating a foundational awareness of LFG within as many fanbases as we can, so that when we return to these places for a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time we are consistently strengthening our presence within that fanbase. That really is the best part about this whole thing; we're just getting started.

While we've seen awesome success in our growth over the last three months, we are still learning how to do things better at each and every event we attend. The first couple of events we attended usually played out like this: Show up to tailgates a couple of hours before the game, brainstorm a couple of questions to ask when we got there, find the biggest crowds/craziest fans, tell people to follow @lfgsports. Since then, we've developed a much more organized and effective strategy that helps us capitalize on the content we get at events, and convert people from not just fans we meet and interact with, but actual followers/supporters of LFG.

We've also begun partnering with brands such as Bumble, Go Puff, and Good Uncle for our own Syracuse-based events. Keep an eye our instagram page for announcements about our 21-Cup Tournament which will be sponsored by all three of those companies and will take place at Orange Crate the first week of December. There are going to be some really special prizes so make sure to sign your team up when registration opens!

The college football regular season is nearing its end, which means the LFG run of conference championship games, bowl games, and playoff games is just beginning! As everyone probably expects we will of course be hitting the Big 10 Championship game in Indianapolis where we will culminate the 2019 LFG B1G 10 Tour. The Big 10 has been awesome to us this year and we can't wait finish strong in Indy (catch us before that at OSU this weekend and Michigan next weekend).

Our schedule for the remainder of the year will be released on Sunday morning (hint: bowl games, NFL games, NBA games, and much more). Expect more videos, funnier videos, more blogs, more guest appearances, and more content, period. As I've mentioned, the experience we've gained over the last three months has been invaluable, and I think you'll see a major reflection of that in the quality and quantity of content that we are about to start putting out. Just saying, don't let LFG get hot... although it may already be too late. LETS FUCKING GO! (sports.)

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