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Football is Here: LFG Summer Recap

Most people woke up this morning and looked at their calendar and saw "Sunday, August 25th, 2019." At LFG Sports we go by a different kind of calendar, the sports calendar. The Florida Gators played the Miami Hurricanes in an actual football game last night which not only means that football is unofficially back, but also that the page in the LFG calendar has flipped from "Summer" to "Football."

LFG has some incredibly exciting plans for football this year. Now that our headquarters is set up in Syracuse we have access to countless resources that will help us deliver content much more consistently. We are continuing to work on finalizing the schedule of events we'll be attending this fall, and we're aiming to release the official schedule in mid September. Hint: expect some B1G stuff.

In the weeks leading up to our schedule release, LFG will be releasing archived content from this summer. Our goal is to release recap blogs and videos from every major event we attended over the last couple months. While a lot of the summer was spent laying the groundwork for LFG, we still want people to get a grasp of who we are and what we've done at these events so everyone can know what to expect for the fall. These are the events that we'll be recapping:

-Stanley Cup Game 1 (Boston) -College World Series (Omaha)

-Dillo Day @ Northwestern -Home Run Derby (Cleveland)

-Stanley Cup Game 4 (St. Louis) -Red Sox vs Dodgers (Boston)

-Stanley Cup Game 7 (Boston) -Nascar (NH Motor Speedway)

-Toronto Raptors Championship Parade -Red Sox vs Yankees (Boston and NYC)

Look out for recap blogs and YouTube videos of all these events over the next couple weeks. Get ready, chapter 2 starts now. #LFG

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