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LFG Holiday Tour Schedule

This is the LFG schedule through New Year's Day:

Over the next month and a half, we'll really be diversifying the sports/leagues that we'll be covering. NBA, NFL, college bowl games, and high school football games are all on the schedule.



We have three games remaining for the month of November. The first game was supposed to be Kyrie's return to Boston which we had unbelievable content planned for, but he ruined that by announcing that he's sitting out this entire upcoming Nets road trip. That's how sports work though, and we adjusted our plan based on him not coming (Hint: might want to check the telephone poles outside the Garden tomorrow night). The second game is a high school football Thanksgiving rivalry game between Marblehead and my home town, Swampscott. We'll be making a pump-up video for that game as well as interviewing fans about Swampscott's upcoming appearance in the Division 5 Super Bowl. They play Amherst at Gilette Stadium in Foxboro on December 7th. The third and final game of November is Ohio State at Michigan on the 30th. Obviously this is a big rivalry game so we expect the content to be top-notch. We'll also be attending the biggest student tailgate on campus that weekend so that'll be a fun one.


The first game we have scheduled for December is the "Silent Night" game at Taylor University. This is unlike any event we've been to so we're going to get very creative with this one. There has been limited press coverage on this event and we think we can show the Silent Night experience in a way that no one has done before. The second game we're hitting is the B1G 10 Championship. The presence we've built in the Big 10 this year coupled with the library of content we've collected makes this game a big one (no pun intended) for us. The Big 10 will always be a special part of the history of LFG and we couldn't have picked a better conference to start with. The third game in December is Army Navy. We'll be covering this game in a much more serious fashion (similar to our Blues Banner Night video) because it means so much to so many people. This will be our third time at Lincoln Financial Field which is good because we know the layout pretty well at this point. It'll also flow nicely into our fourth game of the month which is also at The Linc, Cowboys vs Eagles. Eagles fans have proven to generate some of the best videos for us so this also should be a top-tier content game. For the fifth and sixth games of December, we'll be heading down south for the start of college bowl games and the College Football Playoff. We'll be in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl on the 28th and Miami for the Orange Bowl on the 30th. These will be some of the biggest events we've been to so far and our first time branding in the south. Then we'll head up to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day.


Alright, you got all that? Obviously we'll have this schedule posted on our website as well as in our story highlights on Instagram so you can refer to it whenever you want to check out where we'll be next. The point of this blog was to give a rundown of the next month and a half for anyone who's interested. Some really big ideas, events, games, content are in the pipeline for the next five weeks so get ready baby. Let's fucking go.

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